Origin: London, England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: August 26, 2021
Last update/review: August 26, 2021

Age Of Taurus

A British band on the Rise Above roster and featuring well-travelled doom bassist Leo Smee (Cathedral et. al.) would seem to point squarely at traditional doom. And that's a large part of the Age Of Taurus style, though mixed a bit with more traditional Brit metal and featuring clear, though not very strong vocals. Overall the tempos are a bit faster than ponderous Candlemass-styled doom, so there's plenty of solid riffing to be found, even if overall there isn't much new ground being broken here.

Current Members

Toby Wright


Daniel Knight


Leo Smee

bass (ex-Cathedral, ex-Firebird, ex-Trespass, With The Dead)

Darius Clayton


Former Members/Guests

Alastair Riddell


Richard Bruce



Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times  
2013 Rise Above
  1. A Rush of Power
  2. Sinking City
  3. Always in the Eye
  4. Walk with Me, My Queen
  5. Desperate Souls of Tortured Times
  6. Embrace the Stone
  7. The Bull and the Bear
  • Toby Wright
  • Alastair Riddell
  • Richard Bruce
  • Darius Clayton

The Colony Slain  
2018 Rise Above
  1. . From the Hills to the Halls
  2. Taken to the Tower
  3. The Trial of Blackwynn Chaise
  4. In Dreams We Die
  5. The Lost Garrison
  6. Beyond the Westward Path
  7. For Treason We Rise
  8. The Walls Have Ears
  9. To Seal a Mountain
  10. As Ice into Blood
  11. The Colony Slain
  • Toby Wright
  • Daniel Knight
  • Leo Smee
  • Darius Clayton

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