Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
Last update/review: October 12, 2010


Cleveland's Abdullah came into being in 1998 and went the usual route of shifting lineups and demo recordings (at one time featuring only one member, vocalist Jeff Shirilla) before stabilizing a couple of years later. Their last album was 2002's Graveyard Poetry, and it's quite the rocker, featuring a stoner-infused garage semi-doom sound reminiscient of bands like the late Spirit Caravan or the horde of early 90's Hellhound doom bands. Several influences can be heard, from prime Sabbath riffing to NWOBHM energy to 70's garage/psychedelica, topped by Shirilla's excellent melodic voice. Since then the band been in constant flux and was reportedly done in 2009, but as of this writing it appears the band still lives in some form.

Current Members

Steven Bateman


Alan Seibert


Former Members/Guests

Jeff Shirilla


Jamie Walters

bass (ex-Destructor, Midnight)

Ed Milich


Ed Stephens

bass (Beyond Fear, ex-Shok Paris, Vindicator)

Jim Simonian



Snake Lore  
2000 Rage Of Achilles
  1. The Path to Enlightenment
  2. Distant Lights / Sot-Weed
  3. In the Belly of the Beast
  4. Firmament / Lam
  5. The Sickness Unto Death
  6. The Black Ones
  • Jeff Shirilla
  • Alan Seibert

2000 MeteorCity
  1. The Path To Enlightenment
  2. Conundrum
  3. Earth's Answer
  4. Visions Of The Daughters Of Time
  5. Now Is The Winter ...
  6. Lucifer In Starlight
  7. The Black Ones
  8. Awakening The Colossus
  9. Proverbs Of Hell
  10. Journey To The Orange Island
  11. Lotus Eaters
  • Jeff Shirilla
  • Alan Seibert
  • Jamie Walters
  • Ed Milich

Graveyard Poetry  
2002 MeteorCity
  1. Rune
  2. Black Helicopters
  3. A Dark But Shining Sun
  4. The Whimper Of Whipped Dogs
  5. Deprogrammed
  6. Pantheistic
  7. Beyond The Mountain
  8. Salamander
  9. Strange Benedictions
  10. Secret Teachings Of Lost Ages
  11. Medicine Man
  12. Guided By The Spirit
  13. Behold A Pale Horse
  14. They, The Tyrants
  • Jeff Shirilla
  • Alan Seibert
  • Ed Stephens
  • Jim Simonian

Abdullah/Dragonauta (split w/ Dragonauta)  
2005 Dias De Garage
  1. Seven Doors
  2. Grey Sky Faith
  3. Blossom
  4. Brightest Day
  5. Killing For Culture
  6. With Guilt
  7. Ramera del Diablo
  8. RevoluciĆ³n Luciferiana
  9. Letargo Espiritual
  10. Bruta Vu (Hijo del Diablo)
  11. Tomegapentagram

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