Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: January 27, 2020

The Abyss

The Abyss was basically Hypocrisy playing black metal, featuring the identical lineup of that band at the time, though switching instruments here, with Peter Tägtgren moving to drums and drummer Lars Szöke and bassist Mikael Hedlund playing guitars. This was heads-down, speedy old-school black metal, well played though a bit samey and monotonous. The vocals were of a typical black metal rasp (all three are listed as vocalists, but it only sounded like one guy). Not a bad effort here, but as Hypocrisy side projects go, Pain was better.

Special thanks to DJ "Killa" for providing the opportunity to review this band!

Last Lineup

Mikael Hedlund

guitars/vocals (Hypocrisy)

Lars Szöke

guitars/vocals (ex-Hypocrisy)

Peter Tägtgren

drums/bass/vocals (ex-Bloodbath, Hypocrisy, guest for Immortal, ex-Lock Up, Pain)


The Other Side  
1994 Nuclear Blast
  1. Marutukku
  2. Tjanare Af Besten
  3. Psycomantum
  4. Massacara
  5. Morkrets Vandring
  6. Sorgens Dal
  7. Slukad
  8. Forintelsens Tid Aro Kommen
  • Mikael Hedlund
  • Lars Szöke
  • Peter Tägtgren

Summon The Beast  
1996 Nuclear Blast
  1. Satans Majestic Empire
  2. Blessed With the Wrath of Evil
  3. Damned
  4. Summon the Beast
  5. The Hymn
  6. Cursed
  7. Feasting the Remains of Heaven
  8. The Arrival

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