Origin: England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: October 25, 2019

Acid Reign

More thrash from the late-80's/early-90's era, when this sort of style was quite prevalent. England was not the hotbed for such groups, but some good ones were out there, with Acid Reign ranking with Xentrix and Re-Animator as among the better outfits of the day. Like a lot of other thrash bands of the time, the originality here wasn't too great, but the band made up for it with sheer intensity and enthusiasm. Vocalist Howard "H" Smith rebooted the band with an all-new lineup in early 2015.

Current Members

H (Howard Smith)


Dean Cook


Pete Dee


Marc Jackson

drums (M-Pire Of Evil)

Former Members/Guests

Kevin Papworth

guitars (ex-Lawnmower Deth)

Gary Jennings

guitars (ex-Cathedral, Death Penalty, ex-Lucifer)

Adam Lehan

guitars (ex-Cathedral)

Paul Chanter


Ian Gangwer

bass RIP: May 2021

Iain MacDonald


Mark Ramsey Wharton

drums/keyboards (ex-Cathedral, ex-Cronos)


Moshkinstein  EP
1988 Under One Flag
  1. Goddess
  2. Suspended Sentence
  3. Freedom of Speech
  4. Motherly Love
  5. Respect The Dead
  6. Chaos (Lambs to the Slaughter)
  • H
  • Kevin Papworth
  • Gary Jennings
  • Ian Gangwer
  • Iain MacDonald
  • Mark Ramsey Wharton

The Fear  
1989 Under One Flag
  1. You Never Know (W.T.N.W.S.)
  2. Reflection of Truths
  3. Insane Ecstasy
  4. Humanoia
  5. The Fear
  6. Blind Aggression
  7. Life in Forms
  8. All I See
  9. Lost In Solitude
  • H
  • Kevin Papworth
  • Adam Lehan
  • Ian Gangwer
  • Mark Ramsey Wharton

1990 Under One Flag
  1. Creative Restraint
  2. Joke Chain
  3. Thoughtful Sleep
  4. You Are You Enemy
  5. Phantasm
  6. My Open Mind
  7. Codes of Conformity
  8. This Is Serious (CD bonus track)
  • H
  • Kevin Papworth
  • Iain MacDonald
  • Mark Ramsey Wharton

The Worst Of Acid Reign  COMPILATION
1991 Under One Flag
  1. Bully Boy/ Lucifer's Hammer
  2. Motherly Love
  3. Two Minded Takeover
  4. R.F.Y.S.
  5. Amnesiac
  6. Magic Roundabout
  7. The Argument
  8. Sabbath Medley
  9. Reflection of Truths
  10. Hangin' on the Telephone
  11. Warriors of Genghis Khan
  12. The Joke's on Us
  13. Three Year War
  14. Big White Teeth

The Age Of Entitlement  
2019 Dissonance
  1. T.A.O.E.
  2. The New Low
  3. #newagenarcissist
  4. My Peace of Hell
  5. Blood Makes Noise
  6. Sense of Independence
  7. Hardship
  8. Within the Woods
  9. Ripped Apart
  10. United Hates
  • H
  • Dean Cook
  • Paul Chanter
  • Pete Dee
  • Marc Jackson

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