Origin: Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: August 17, 2006
Last update/review: August 17, 2006


Acrophet was a young Wisconsin-based thrash band that formed in the early eighties (apparently the average age of the band was 17 when Corrupt Minds was released in 1988, and they formed several years earlier), mixing aggressive thrash with a slight hardcore influence (not quite a crossover band, but close). On one hand thrash was all the rage during this time period and Acrophet was lumped in with that crowd (fairly or not), though on the other hand their more frantic style (including the hardcore stylings) did gain them a bit of respect and they have been noted as influences to later bands. Two albums were released, and the band broke up in the early nineties while working on a third.

Last Lineup

Dave Baumann


Dave Pelino


Todd Saike


Jason Mooney



Corrupt Minds  
1988 Triple X
  1. Intro to Corruption
  2. Corrupt Minds
  3. Slaves of Sin
  4. From the Depths
  5. Lifeless Image
  6. Crowd Distress
  7. Crime for Living
  8. Holy Spirit
  9. Living in Today
  10. Ceremonial Slaughter
  11. Warped Illusions
  12. Forgotten Faith
  13. Victims of the Holocaust
  • Dave Baumann
  • Dave Pelino
  • Todd Saike
  • Jason Mooney

Faded Glory  
1990 Triple X
  1. When Time Stands Still
  2. Dependency
  3. Silent Insanity
  4. Legend Has It
  5. Dead All Day
  6. The American Zone 1990
  7. Independence at its Finest
  8. Return me to Life
  9. Innocent Blood
  10. Forever the Fall
  11. Haunting Once Again
  • Dave Baumann
  • Dave Pelino
  • Todd Saike
  • Jason Mooney

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