Origin: Milan, Italy  
Genres: Progressive Metal, 80's Metal
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Last update/review: May 6, 2012


Adramelch formed in 1987, and after only a year of existence recorded their debut album, the progressive-tinged Irae Melanox. Vocalist Vittorio Ballerio has a rather shrill voice when he goes for the high notes (typical of 80's metal vocalists) and the production on the album is a bit thin, but those are probably the only downsides to this album. The songs had bite, with traces of thrash complementing their adventurous 80's metal sound. Though slightly dated now, it can be argued that Irae Melanox was a bit ahead of its time, and is regarded by some as a minor classic in the field. Though it received good reviews at the time, the public response was less than hoped for, and for this and other reasons, the band went quiet, the members scattering to various projects. A modified lineup emerged in 2003, and two years later, the band's second album, Broken History, was released.

Current Members

Vittorio Ballerio


Gianluca Corona


Fabio Troiani


Maurizio Lietti


Luca Sigrido Percich


Former Members/Guests

Sandro Fremiot


Franco Avalli


Luca Moretti



Irae Melanox  
1988 Metal Master
  1. Fearful Visions
  2. Zephirus
  3. Irae Melanox
  4. Lamento (Anonymous XV Cent)
  5. Decay (Saver Comes)
  6. Was Called Empire
  7. Eyes of Alabaster
  8. Dreams of a Jester
  • Vittorio Ballerio
  • Gianluca Corona
  • Sandro Fremiot
  • Franco Avalli
  • Luca Moretti

Broken History  
  1. Intro: Fantasia I
  2. I'll save the World
  3. Cluny Calls
  4. Choral Prelude
  5. Broken History
  6. Beloved Jerusalem
  7. Heap of Bones
  8. Dethroned in Shame
  9. Darts of Wind
  10. Different Times, Different Places
  11. Declaimed Prelude
  12. Ten Wiles
  13. Conclusion
  • Vittorio Ballerio
  • Gianluca Corona
  • Fabio Troiani
  • Maurizio Lietti
  • Luca Sigrido Percich

Lights From Oblivion  
  1. Lights
  2. Aelegia
  3. Islands of Madness
  4. Truth Lies ...
  5. Wonderful Magician
  6. Beyond a Lifetime
  7. Tides of My Soul
  8. Chiaroscuro
  9. King (Of the Rain of Tomorrow)
  10. Pain after Pain
  11. We March, We Fail
  12. Oblivion
  • Vittorio Ballerio
  • Gianluca Corona
  • Fabio Troiani
  • Maurizio Lietti
  • Luca Sigrido Percich

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