Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
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Bleeding The False is the 2005 debut full-length album for Aeon, following a MCD release of their demo in 2001. Brutal, chugging death metal is the order of the day here, with staccato riffs and machine-gun double-bass work a constant in virtually every song, which at times comes off as monotonous. Lyrically, songs titles like "Biblewhore" and "God Gives Head In Heaven" (!) pretty much tell the story, clearly the guys have no fondness for Christianity, certainly not a novelty among death metal bands. This isn't groundbreaking stuff, and there is little variation either vocally or riff-wise, but the intensity is there, and those into modern European death metal should give these guys a listen.

Current Members

Tommy Dahlström


Zeb Nilsson


Marcus Edvardsson


Arttu Malkki

drums (The Equinox Ov The Gods)

Former Members/Guests

Morgan Nordbakk


Daniel Dlimi

guitars (ex-The Equinox Ov The Gods)

Johan Hjelm


Max Carlberg


Nils Fjellström

drums (ex-Dark Funeral, ex-In Battle, ex-Netherbird, The Wretched End)


Dark Order  EP
2001 Necropolis
  1. The Return Of Apolluon
  2. Eternal Hate
  3. With Blood They Pay
  4. The Awakening
  5. Bloodlust
  6. Hell Unleashed
  • Tommy Dahlström
  • Zeb Nilsson
  • Morgan Nordbakk
  • Johan Hjelm
  • Arttu Malkki

Bleeding The False  
2005 Unique Leader
  1. Cenobites
  2. Soulburner
  3. Morbid Desire to Burn
  4. Biblewhore
  5. Forever Nailed
  6. Satanic Victory
  7. Enchanter
  8. Bleeding the False
  9. Doorknocker
  10. Bow Your Head
  11. I Hate Your Existence
  12. God Gives Head in Heaven
  13. Hell Unleashed
  • Tommy Dahlström
  • Zeb Nilsson
  • Daniel Dlimi
  • Johan Hjelm
  • Nils Fjellström

Rise To Dominate  
2007 Metal Blade
  1. Helel Ben-Shachar
  2. Spreading Their Disease
  3. Living Sin
  4. Hate Them
  5. You Pray To Nothing
  6. Caressed By The Holy Man
  7. House Of Greed
  8. Godless
  9. When The War Comes
  10. There Will Be No Heaven For Me
  11. Luke 4-5-7
  12. No One Escapes Us
  • Tommy Dahlström
  • Zeb Nilsson
  • Daniel Dlimi
  • Max Carlberg
  • Nils Fjellström
2007 Readers' Album #97

Path Of Fire  
2010 Metal Blade
  1. Forgiveness Denied
  2. Kill Them All
  3. Inheritance
  4. Abomination To God
  5. Total Kristus Inversus
  6. Of Fire
  7. I Will Burn
  8. Suffer The Soul
  9. The Sacrament
  10. Liar In The Name Of God
  11. God Of War
  • Tommy Dahlström
  • Zeb Nilsson
  • Daniel Dlimi
  • Marcus Edvardsson
  • Nils Fjellström

Aeons Black  
2012 Metal Blade
  1. Still They Pray
  2. The Glowing Hate
  3. The Voice Of The Accuser
  4. I Wish You Death
  5. Garden Of Sin
  6. Neptune The Mystic
  7. Nothing Left To Destroy
  8. Passage To Hell
  9. Aeons Black
  10. Dead Means Dead
  11. Sacrificed
  12. Aftermath
  13. Blessed By The Priest
  14. Maze Of The Damned
  15. Die By My Hands
  • Tommy Dahlström
  • Zeb Nilsson
  • Daniel Dlimi
  • Marcus Edvardsson
  • Arttu Malkki

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