Origin: Miass, Russia  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: March 23, 2006
Last update/review: June 21, 2015

The Aerium

The Aerium is/was a Russian band that broke into the world of metal with classically-trained operatic vocals with their 2004 album Song For A Dead King. Nightwish has proven that power metal and operatic vocals can exist in harmony, though The Aerium is not a power metal band, but more a symphonic gothic metal band. But, for several reasons, Dead King falls a bit flat. Veronika Sevostyanova's vocals aren't really the problem -- she does possess a fine voice, though she lacks that special something that, say, Tarja Turunen possesses, and somehow her vocals seem less seemlessly integrated with the music as they should be. Elsewhere, the production is flat (no doubt due to a small budget), and the musicianship, aside from Andrey Grishin's keyboard work, is on the unadventurous side. There seemed to be potential here, but apart from a couple demos a few years later, the band hasn't been heard from, and is likely done.

Last Lineup

Veronika Sevostyanova


Kirill Novikov


Igor Reshentikov


Andrey Grishin


Alexander Gubko



Song For The Dead King  
2004 Black Lotus
  1. Song For The Dead King
  2. Prayer
  3. Queen Of Snows
  4. Treasure Hunter
  5. Sentinel
  6. Wanderer
  7. Midnight
  8. On The Pier
  • Veronika Sevostyanova
  • Kirill Novikov
  • Igor Reshentikov
  • Andrey Grishin
  • Alexander Gubko

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