Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: August 16, 2020
Last update/review: August 16, 2020

Air Raid

Formed in 2009, Sweden's Air Raid carries on the tradition of no-frills, mainstream 80's metal on their most recent album as of this writing, 2017's Across The Line. With song titles like "Cold As Ice" and "Hell And Back", there are few surprises here, the band churning out riffs in workmanlike fashion with no regard for innovation or modern influences, yet the old adage "heavy metal will never die" is well supported by bands like Air Raid. Content with keeping the flame alive, these guys know their audience and those into traditional Euro metal will find no fault here.

Current Members

Fredrik Werner


Andreas Johansson

guitars (Avatarium)

Magnus Mild


Robin Utbult


David Hermansson


Former Members/Guests

Michael Rinakakis


Arthur Andersson


Johan Karlsson



Danger Ahead  EP
2012 StormSpell
  1. When the Sky Turns Red
  2. Annihilation
  3. The Metal Cult
  4. Midnight Burner
  5. Free at Last
  6. Traitors' Gate (2011 Demo)
  7. Fight Street (2011 Demo)
  • Michael Rinakakis
  • Andreas Johansson
  • Johan Karlsson
  • Robin Utbult
  • David Hermansson

Night Of The Axe  
2012 StormSpell
  1. Treason
  2. Night of the Axe
  3. The Lost City
  4. Highway Legion
  5. Dying Man
  6. Raiders of Hell
  7. Call of the Warlock
  8. Reminiscence
  9. Riding Out
  10. A Blade in the Dark
  • Michael Rinakakis
  • Andreas Johansson
  • Johan Karlsson
  • Robin Utbult
  • David Hermansson

Point Of Impact  
2014 High Roller
  1. Bound to Destroy
  2. Madness
  3. Victim of the Night
  4. Wildfire
  5. Flying Fortress
  6. Vengeance
  7. The Fire Within
  8. We Got the Force
  • Arthur Andersson
  • Andreas Johansson
  • Johan Karlsson
  • Robin Utbult
  • David Hermansson

Across The Line  
2017 High Roller
  1. Hold the Flame
  2. Line of Danger
  3. Aiming for the Sky
  4. Cold as Ice
  5. Entering the Zone Zero
  6. Hell and Back
  7. Northern Light
  8. Raid or Die
  9. Black Dawn
  • Fredrik Werner
  • Andreas Johansson
  • Magnus Mild
  • Robin Utbult
  • David Hermansson

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