Origin: France  
Genres: Black Metal
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Divine Symphonies was the only album recorded by the one-man band known as Akhenaton. At its core, the album is a orchestral/symphonic black metal album, with keyboards the driving force and vocals consisting of the usual black metal rasp along with some midrange clean singing. There are several ambient interludes scattered throughout (in fact these songs outnumber the more traditional tracks), giving the album a sort of soundtrack feel to it. Vincent apparently discontinued this project to work with some other bands.

Last Lineup

Lord Vincent Akhenaton

vocals/all instruments


Divine Symphonies  
1995 Adipocere
  1. Act I- Raising (Intro)
  2. Act II- Unutterable Verity
  3. Act III- Remissions / The Sign Of Herou
  4. Act IV- In The Circle Of Wizards / Ritual
  5. Act V- Chase With The Shadows
  6. Act VI- Cross The Styx (Dance With The Souls)
  7. Act VII- The Kingdom Of Wisdom
  8. Act VIII- At The Gates Of Obscurity
  9. Act IX- Final Battle (Against Your Dark Side)
  10. Act X- Pharao (The Karma Of The Hierophante)
  • Lord Vincent Akhenaton

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