Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: January 11, 2005
Last update/review: January 3, 2006


A European metal band with a female lead singer might well conjure images of the many fine gothic bands making the rounds, but that's not what Amaran was all about. Instead this Swedish group focused on crunchy, heavy power metal, thankfully not the happy speedy style favored by so many German bands but a more riff-oriented, darker style, yet not without melody and passion. Johanna DePierre's vocals can be favorably compared to Agnete Kirkevaag of the excellent Madder Mortem -- a clear alto style that is forceful but never domineering or overbearing. With power metal in Europe dominated by Helloween clones, Amaran's heavier approach, coupled with DePierre's fine vocals, helped the band stand out from the pack. Two albums were released before the band, after losing DePierre and other members, decided to break up at the end of 2005.

Last Lineup

Johanna DePierre


Ronnie Backlund


Kari Kainulainen


Mikael Andersson


Robin Bergh

drums (ex-October Tide)


A World Depraved  
2002 Listenable
  1. Faith Healer
  2. Rusty Warhorse
  3. Void
  4. Daffodil
  5. Lullaby
  6. Imperfect
  7. Little Victory
  8. Karma In Flesh
  9. Received A Kiss
  10. Ode
  • Johanna DePierre
  • Ronnie Backlund
  • Kari Kainulainen
  • Mikael Andersson
  • Robin Bergh

Pristine In Bondage  
2004 Listenable
  1. Atropine
  2. Revolution Without Arms
  3. Coming Home
  4. Inflict
  5. Without Stains
  6. Katharsis
  7. 24 Pills
  8. Wraith
  9. Crow Me
  10. Primal Nature
  11. As We Fly (Japanese bonus track)
  12. Seven long Years (Japanese bonus track)
  13. Nocturnal (Japanese bonus track)
  • Johanna DePierre
  • Ronnie Backlund
  • Kari Kainulainen
  • Mikael Andersson
  • Robin Bergh

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