Origin: Aurora, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: April 28, 2010
Last update/review: September 11, 2010


Illinois' own Amulance was one of many American bands jumping on the speed/thrash metal bandwagon in the mid-eighties. They signed to the irrepressible New Renaissance label and in 1989 released Feel The Pain, a pretty good album mixing a bit of early Iron Maiden with a more traditional 80's indie metal base, along with just a touch of the thrash that was blossoming at the time. Years later their earlier demo and assorted other recordings were released as The Rage Within And The Aftermath, and since then the band has properly reformed and have released a new EP, Deutschland.

Current Members

Rik Baez


Bob Luman


Pat Cassidy


Tom Braddish


Eddie Foltz

drums (ex-David Shankle Group)

Former Members/Guests

Vince Varriale


Eric Wedow



Feel The Pain  
1989 New Renaissance
  1. Holocaust
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Violent Victory
  4. Witch's Sin
  5. Feel the Pain
  6. Black Moon Rising
  7. Shark Attack
  8. Death Wish
  9. 7th Son
  • Rik Baez
  • Bob Luman
  • Vince Varriale
  • Tom Braddish
  • Eric Wedow

The Rage Within And The Aftermath  COMPILATION
2007 StormSpell
  1. Black Moon Rising
  2. Living on the Run
  3. 7-th Son
  4. Death Wish
  5. Witch's Sin
  6. The Rage Within
  7. World of Corruption
  8. Bounty Hunter
  9. Monsters
  10. Aberration
  11. Haunted
  12. Daughter's Hell

Deutschland  EP
2010 StormSpell
  1. The Crypt
  2. The Alpha One
  3. A Good Day To Die
  4. At Your Grave
  5. I The Machine
  • Rik Baez
  • Bob Luman
  • Pat Cassidy
  • Tom Braddish
  • Eddie Foltz

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