Origin: England  
Genres: 70's Metal
Last update/review: March 11, 2005


No relation to the current Swedish Armageddon, this Armageddon was a short-lived band originating in the early 70's, founded by ex-Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf and featuring musicians from bands such as Derringer, Steamhammer, and Captain Beyond. The group's sole recording, a self-titled 1975 effort, is a slightly odd release, considered dated even at the time of its release much less when compared to modern metal, and owing more to hard rock and early progressive roots than straight metal. Dismissed as minor league by some and hailed as a lost classic by others, Armageddon is a worthy 70's rock/metal release when all is said and done. The band never released another album -- the lineup disintegrated soon after the one album's release, and Relf died from electrocution a year later. A modified lineup appeared a decade later and reportedly recorded an album, but that album was never released.

Last Lineup

Keith Relf

vocals RIP: May 1976, electrocution

Martin Pugh


Louis Cennamo


Bobby Caldwell

drums (ex-Captain Beyond)


1975 A&M
  1. Buzzard
  2. Silver Tightrope
  3. Paths And Planes And Future Gains
  4. Last Stand Before
  5. Basking In The White Of Midnight Sun
  • Keith Relf
  • Martin Pugh
  • Louis Cennamo
  • Bobby Caldwell

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