Origin: Virginia, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: January 30, 2010

At War

Back in the day At War was one of the better bands on the New Renaissance label, with a gritty speed/thrash style akin to a darker Motorhead or perhaps Carnivore. Though their two albums suffered a bit production-wise (typical for smaller record labels of the day) the songs were there -- another one of those "if only they got a break" bands. Long disbanded, they are back together and have released their first album in twenty-two years, Infidel, an album very much in the spirit of their early work.

Current Members

Paul Arnold


Shawn Helsel


Dave Stone



Ordered To Kill  
1986 New Renaissance
  1. Ordered To Kill
  2. Dawn Of Death
  3. Capitulation
  4. Rapechase
  5. The Hammer
  6. Mortally Wounded
  7. Ilsa (She Wolf Of The S.S.)
  8. Eat Lead
  • Paul Arnold
  • Shawn Helsel
  • Dave Stone

Retalitory Strike  
1987 New Renaissance
  1. F.Y.I.
  2. Consicentious Objector
  3. Creed Of The Sniper
  4. Covert Sins
  5. Crush Your Life
  6. Gutless Sympathizer
  7. Church And State
  8. FelonĀ“s Guilt
  9. Thinkin'
  10. The Example
  • Paul Arnold
  • Shawn Helsel
  • Dave Stone

2009 Heavy Artillery
  1. Assassins
  2. Semper Fi
  3. Make Your Move
  4. At War
  5. Want You Dead
  6. R.A.F.
  7. Deceit
  8. Vengeful Eyes
  9. Rapechase

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