Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
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Last update/review: June 23, 2015


The NWOBHM band Atomkraft first materialized in 1979 in northern England, Founder Tony Dolan toying with a couple of lineups before finally settling with a trio that also included drummer Ged Wolf, the brother of Venom's manager (this would be one of several connections between Atomkraft and Cronos' boys). The group debuted in 1985 with Future Warriors, a typical Neat Records affair (under-produced, energetic NWOBHM style) that drew some comparisons to Venom, though Atomkraft had none of the black metal overtones that Venom had. Dolan left his own group a year later over a dispute, with the two remaining members finding replacements and eventually patching together an EP (Queen Of Death), and then asking Dolan to rejoin the band (which he did) in time for their last release, the Conductors Of Noise MCD. By 1988 the group disintegrated, with Dolan taking an offer to join -- that's right -- Venom. In the intervening years Dolan has kept himself busy as a successful actor and has resurrected the Atomkraft name on more than one occasion, the band managing to release an EP in 2011. Finally, to bring the Venom concept full-circle, Dolan's latest stop is in the Venom off-shoot band M-Pire Of Evil.

Current Members

Tony Dolan

bass/vocals (M-Pire Of Evil, Venom Inc., ex-Venom)

Payre Hulkoff (Pär Kankanranta)

guitars (ex-Viperine)

Steve Mason


Former Members/Guests

Ian Swift

vocals (Avenger)

Rob Matthews


D.C. Rage


Ged Wolf

drums (ex-Tysondog)


Future Warriors  
1985 Neat
  1. Future Warriors
  2. Starchild
  3. Dead Man's Hands
  4. Total Metal
  5. Pour The Metal In
  6. Death Valley
  7. This Planet's Burning
  8. Warzone
  9. Burn In Hell
  10. Heat And Pain
  • Tony Dolan
  • Rob Matthews
  • Ged Wolf

Queen Of Death  EP
1986 Neat
  1. Queen Of Death
  2. Protector
  3. Demolition
  4. Funeral Pyre
  5. Mode III
  • Ian Swift
  • Rob Matthews
  • D.C. Rage
  • Ged Wolf

Conductors Of Noise  
  1. Requiem
  2. Foliage
  3. The Cave
  4. The Vision Of Belshazzar
  5. Teutonic Pain
  6. Rich Bitch
  • Ian Swift
  • Tony Dolan
  • Rob Matthews
  • Ged Wolf

Total Metal - The Neat Anthology  COMPILATION
2004 Sanctuary
  1. Total Metal
  2. Pour The Metal In
  3. Foliage
  4. Tutonic Pain
  5. Dance Of The Immortals (previously unreleased)
  6. Warzone
  7. Rich Bitch
  8. Funeral Pyre
  9. Starchild
  10. Annihilate The Bride (previously unreleased)
  11. Burn The Hell
  12. Vision Of Belshazzar
  13. Future Warriors
  14. Requiem
  15. Queen Of Death
  16. No Escape (previously unreleased)
  17. This Planets Burning / Death Valley
  18. The Cage
  19. Dead Man's Hand
  20. Your Mentor
  21. Protector
  22. Heat And Pain
  23. Atomized (previously unreleased)
  24. Demolition
  25. Mode 3
  26. Total Metal
  27. Death Valley (original demo 1983)

Cold Sweat  EP
  1. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover)
  2. Dead Again
  3. The Darkening
  4. Intro
  5. Gripped
  • Tony Dolan
  • Payre Hulkoff
  • Steve Mason

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