Origin: Tuscon, Arizona, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: October 24, 2016


Hailing from Arizona, Atrophy fit right in with contemporaries such as Exodus and Forbidden, playing energetic, crunchy thrash on Socialized Hate (1988) and Violent By Nature (1990). A third album was in the works but never materialized, and by around 1992 they were done, though several of the guys continued playing a similar style in a band called Head Circus. Inevitably the itch to play as Atrophy came back, and three of the original members are active, joined by two new guitarists.

Current Members

Brian Zimmerman


Casper Garret


Rich Olsen


James Gulotta


Tim Kelly


Former Members/Guests

Chris Lykins


Rick Skowron



Socialized Hate  
1988 Roadrunner
  1. Chemical Dependency
  2. Killing Machine
  3. Matter Of Attitude
  4. Preacher, Preacher
  5. Beer Bong
  6. Socialized Hate
  7. Best Defence
  8. Product Of The Past
  9. Rest In Pieces
  10. Urban Decay
  • Brian Zimmerman
  • Chris Lykins
  • Rick Skowron
  • James Gulotta
  • Tim Kelly

Violent By Nature  
1990 Roadrunner
  1. Puppies And Friends
  2. Violent By Nature
  3. In Their Eyes
  4. Too Late To Change
  5. Slipped Through The Cracks
  6. Forgotten But Not Gone
  7. Process Of Elimination
  8. Right To Die
  9. Things Change
  • Brian Zimmerman
  • Chris Lykins
  • Rick Skowron
  • James Gulotta
  • Tim Kelly

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