Origin: Germany  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: March 31, 2014
Last update/review: August 19, 2017


Not too long ago the band Portrait was added to these pages, mentioning their major Mercyful Fate influences in the process. But Attic (from Germany, unlike Portrait from Sweden) takes it to another level entirely. Naturally, it starts with the vocals -- Meister Cagliostro doesn't just sound similar to King Diamond, he's practically a clone, his higher range and style is eerily similar to King in his heyday. The similarities don't end there, though -- the songs themselves derive so strongly from Mercyful Fate and King's early solo works that "MF clones" is the only proper tag for these guys. Bands like this, so singularly focused on replicating a signature sound from the past, either flame out or develop their own style on future releases. Time will tell which course Attic takes moving forward.

Current Members

Meister Cagliostro


Tim Katteluhn


Max Povver


Christoph Erdmann

bass (Warhammer)



Former Members/Guests

Robert Piel


Roman Bittner



The Invocation  
2012 Van
  1. The Hidden Grave
  2. Funeral in the Woods
  3. Join the Coven
  4. Edlyn
  5. Ghost of the Orphanage
  6. In the Chapel
  7. The Invocation
  8. The Headless Horseman
  9. Satan's Bride
  10. Evil Inheritance
  • Meister Cagliostro
  • Tim Katteluhn
  • Robert Piel
  • Christoph Erdmann
  • Roman Bittner

2017 Van
  1. Iudicium Dei
  2. Sanctimonious
  3. A Serpent in the Pulpit
  4. Penalized
  5. Scrupulosity
  6. Sinless
  7. Die Engelmacherin
  8. A Quest for Blood
  9. The Hound of Heaven
  10. On Choir Stalls
  11. Dark Hosanna
  12. Born from Sin
  13. There Is No God
  • Meister Cagliostro
  • Tim Katteluhn
  • Robert Piel
  • Christoph Erdmann
  • J.P.

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