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Originally dubbed Civilian, Audioslave pairs former Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell with 3/4 of the disbanded Rage Against The Machine, and have thus far appear to have met everyone's lofty expectations. Their debut self-titled album, released in 2002, sounded pretty much as one might expect given its membership -- Cornell has always been a distinctive vocalist and he shines here, while the trio of Morello, Commerford and Wilk also are given ample opportunity to strut their stuff. And yet this isn't just "Rage with that Soundgarden singer", as Audioslave has carved a sound that clearly harkens to those former groups and yet isn't really exactly like either. Cornell announced that he was leaving the band in 2007 to pursue his solo career, and since then he has rejoined Soundgarden.

Last Lineup

Chris Cornell

vocals (Soundgarden) RIP: May 17, 2017, suicide, age 52

Tom Morello

guitars (ex-Rage Against The Machine)

Tim Commerford

bass (ex-Rage Against The Machine)

Brad Wilk

drums (guest for Black Sabbath, ex-Rage Against The Machine)


2002 Epic
  1. Cochise
  2. Show Me How to Live
  3. Gasoline
  4. What You Are
  5. Like a Stone
  6. Set It Off
  7. Shadow of the Sun
  8. I Am the Highway
  9. Exploder
  10. Hypnotize
  11. Bring Em Back Alive
  12. Light My Way
  13. Getaway Car
  14. The Last Remaining Light
  • Chris Cornell
  • Tom Morello
  • Tim Commerford
  • Brad Wilk
2002 Readers' Album #25

Audioslave  VIDEO
2003 Epic

Out Of Exile  
2005 Epic
  1. Your Time Has Come
  2. Out of Exile
  3. Be Yourself
  4. Doesn't Remind Me
  5. Drown Me Slowly
  6. Heavens Dead
  7. The Worm
  8. Man or Animal
  9. Yesterday to Tomorrow
  10. Dandelion
  11. #1 Zero
  12. The Curse
  13. Like A Stone - Live
  • Chris Cornell
  • Tom Morello
  • Tim Commerford
  • Brad Wilk
2005 Readers' Album #64

Live In Cuba  VIDEO
2005 Epic

2006 Epic
  1. Revelations
  2. One And The Same
  3. Sound Of A Gun
  4. Until We Fall
  5. Original Fire
  6. Broken City
  7. Somedays
  8. Shape Of Things To Come
  9. Jewel Of The Summertime
  10. Wide Awake
  11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye
  12. Moth
  • Chris Cornell
  • Tom Morello
  • Tim Commerford
  • Brad Wilk

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