Origin: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: April 16, 2006
Last update/review: April 16, 2006

Avec Tristesse

An atypical band from Brazil, Avec Tristesse are somewhat in the gothic metal camp, with dark, flowing, keyboard-enhanced song structures punctuated by the occasional black metal flourish. Vocals are both clean and black (and some backing female as well), and the band does a fine job of mixing moods. This is one of those bands that blends several familiar influences rather seemlessly, such that the result is familiar yet not directly reminiscient of any one band or even style.

Current Members

Pedro Salles


Alexandre Graham


Rafael Gama


Rigel Romeu


Braulio Azambuja


Former Members/Guests

Alexandre Woden


Bruno Campbell


Nathan Thrall



Ravishing Beauty  
2002 Hellion
  1. Ravishing Beauty Pt. 1
  2. She, the Lust
  3. Ravishing Beauty Pt.2
  4. The Crown Of Uncreation
  5. De Sombre Amour Et Souffrance
  6. In Vain I Cry
  7. Paean
  • Pedro Salles
  • Alexandre Woden
  • Rafael Gama
  • Bruno Campbell
  • Nathan Thrall

How Innocence Dies  
2004 Hellion
  1. I Am But One
  2. All Love is Gone
  3. A View of the End
  4. Escapism
  5. Through My Eyes
  6. Presence Ignored
  7. Lost in Your Complexity
  8. Of Emotions
  9. As Years Pass By
  10. Avant Les Ténèbres
  11. Angel After Dark
  12. Sceptical and Gone
  • Pedro Salles
  • Rafael Gama
  • Nathan Thrall

Use & Control  
2013 Warlock
  1. Hors d'oeuvre
  2. The Human Nature
  3. I've Learned to Hate
  4. Next Step: Another Illusion
  5. Is it?
  6. So Beautiful I Just Can't Believe
  7. I Punish Myself
  8. Universal Conspiracy
  9. Selfish
  10. L'âme Du Vin
  11. Fatality Abided
  12. Here Am I
  13. Choices
  • Pedro Salles
  • Alexandre Graham
  • Rafael Gama
  • Rigel Romeu
  • Braulio Azambuja

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