Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Doomdeath
Last update/review: June 23, 2015


Avernus plays a hybrid of post-doomdeath and atmospheric goth metal on 1997's Of The Fallen. The band has a nice melancholy sound, accentuated by liberal doses of keyboards and female vocal touches, resulting in a style somewhat reminiscient of later-period Anathema. though there is plenty of originality offered as well. The band has frequently gone dormant and a host of members have come and gone, but as of 2015 founder Rick McCoy and crew are working on new material that may yet be released.

Current Members

Rick McCoy

vocals/guitars (guest for Nevertanezra)

Erick Kikke


James Genenz

guitars (ex-Fleshgrind, Jungle Rot)

Joel Leonard


Rick Yifrach


Former Members/Guests

Bryan Lanting


Robert Franco


Tony Volpe


Chris Predkiewicz


Jeff Joseph



Of The Fallen  
1997 M.I.A.
  1. Blood Gathers Frost
  2. If I Could Exist
  3. By Lovers Will...Chaos
  4. Rennissance
  5. Ghost
  6. Thousand Spirits
  7. Beautiful Black Heart
  8. Still Warm Ashes
  • Rick McCoy
  • Erick Kikke
  • Robert Franco
  • Tony Volpe
  • Chris Predkiewicz
  • Rick Yifrach

Where Forgotten Shadows Die  LIVE
  1. An Endless Sea of Evening
  2. The Faustian Heart
  3. The Isolationist
  4. A Rift in the Aura
  5. Anastasia

Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie  COMPILATION
2000 Cursed Prod.
  1. An Endless Sea Of Evening
  2. The Faustian Heart
  3. Anastasia
  4. Ashes Of Adoration
  5. Godlessness
  6. Dreamburn
  7. Disappear
  8. Silver And Black
  9. For Every Waking Moment
  10. Downpour

Bury Me In Fire  EP
  1. Introduction
  2. Bury Me In Fire
  3. Bastards Son Of Man
  4. Losing Feeling
  • Rick McCoy
  • Bryan Lanting
  • Robert Franco
  • Jeff Joseph
  • Rick Yifrach

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