Origin: New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: January 4, 2016

Beyond The Embrace

Beyond The Embrace hailed from Massachusetts and released their debut album, Against The Elements, in 2002. Musically, they mixed traditional metal, in particular a healthy dose of Iron Maiden-esque guitar harmonies, with a harsher vocal style and modern aggression, which invited comparisons to the Swedish melodic death metal scene. The oft-quoted description of "Maiden on steroids" (not coined by the band, but a term they are proud of) seemed a bit more on the mark. Much was made of the band featuring three full-time guitarists, a rarity in metal (hello Leatherwolf!), which no doubt gave them a great deal of versatility in the live arena. Against The Elements won its fair share of acclaim, and a followup, Insect Song, was released two years later, but they were unable to take the next step, and they finally disbanded in 2011.

Last Lineup

Shawn Gallagher


Ocsar Gouveia


Jeff Saude


Alex Botelho


Chris Parlon


Steve Bolognese

drums (Death Dealer, ex-Into Eternity, Ross The Boss, Them, ex-Witherfall)

Former Members/Guests

Adam Gonsalves


Mike Bresciani


Kevin Camille



Against The Elements  
2002 Metal Blade
  1. Bastard Screams
  2. Mourning In Magenta
  3. Compass
  4. Rapture
  5. Drowning Sun
  6. Against The Elements
  7. Release
  8. The Bending See
  9. Embers Astray
  10. Riddle Of Steel
  • Shawn Gallagher
  • Ocsar Gouveia
  • Jeff Saude
  • Alex Botelho
  • Adam Gonsalves
  • Mike Bresciani

Insect Song  
2004 Metal Blade
  1. Fleshengine Breakdown
  2. Plague
  3. My Fall
  4. .Of Every Strain
  5. Redeemer
  6. Insect Song
  7. Ashes
  8. Weak And The Wounded
  9. Absent
  10. Within
  • Shawn Gallagher
  • Ocsar Gouveia
  • Jeff Saude
  • Alex Botelho
  • Chris Parlon
  • Kevin Camille

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