Origin: Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Metalcore
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Page online: March 22, 2004
Last update/review: March 22, 2004

Beyond The Sixth Seal

Beyond The Sixth Seal is part of a growing metalcore scene in the Massachusetts scene (Shadows Fall is one of the more popular of these, and a good companion band to these guys). Earth And Sphere, their second album, is clearly influenced by the Swedish melodic death movement, with plenty of guitar leads and harsh death vocals from Mike McKenzie, he being more hardcore and old-school death influenced than most of the Swedish singers in similar bands. It's a solid album, not radically different from others in the style but with enough variation and punch to make it a recommended album for melodic death fans.

Last Lineup

Mike McKenzie

vocals/guitars (Stomach Earth)

Gregory Weeks


Brendon Roche


Former Members/Guests

Lawrence Kwong


Justin Chappell


Adam Wentworth


Rob Devlin


Matt Woods



A Homicide Divine  
2001 Voice Of Life
  1. A Homicide Divine
  2. Beneath The Barren Fields
  3. The Gates Of Redemption
  4. A Revelation For The Forsaken
  5. Drawn From Autumn
  • Lawrence Kwong
  • Justin Chappell
  • Adam Wentworth
  • Rob Devlin
  • Brendon Roche

Earth And Sphere  
2002 Lifeforce
  1. Medusan
  2. Idols In Human Form
  3. A Potent Wind
  4. Faceless
  5. Awaken
  6. A Homicide Divine
  7. Lift High The Banner Of Falseness
  8. The Birthing Apparatus
  9. A Subtle Texture
  • Mike McKenzie
  • Justin Chappell
  • Adam Wentworth
  • Matt Woods
  • Brendon Roche

The Resurrection Of Everything Tough  
2007 Metal Blade
  1. Nothing To Prove
  2. My Terrifying Ally
  3. I Die At 35
  4. Reverly
  5. Stricken
  6. The Twisted Ladder
  7. Feral Dreamer
  8. The Law You Have Sworn
  9. Forward Thinking
  10. Yawning Of The Gale
  11. Everything Though
  12. Blood Of A Ghost
  13. Monument
  • Mike McKenzie
  • Gregory Weeks
  • Brendon Roche

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