Origin: Richmond, Virginia, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: December 5, 2016
Last update/review: May 7, 2019


Combine two members of cult thrash act Municipal Waste with a D.R.I. alum and the result is the simply named Bat. Wings Of Chains, released in 2016, is 29 minutes of grimy, thrashy speed metal that often brings to mind very early Venom, albeit with better production and musicianship values. There's nary a surprise here, and not a ton of variety, but these guys bash out the tunes with reckless abandon. Definitely a just-for-fun project, and a blast to listen to.

Current Members

Ryan Waste

bass/vocals (Municipal Waste, Volture)

Nick Poulos

guitars (ex-Cannabis Corpse, Municipal Waste, Volture)

Felix Griffin

drums (Blunt Force Trauma, ex-D.R.I., ex-M.O.D.)


Cruel Discipline  EP
2015 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Cruel Discipline
  2. Rule Of The Beast
  • Ryan Waste
  • Nick Poulos
  • Felix Griffin

Wings Of Chains  
2016 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Bloodhounds
  2. Code Rude
  3. Master of the Skies
  4. Primitive Age
  5. Condemner
  6. Ritual Fool
  7. Wings of Chains
  8. Total Wreckage
  9. Rule of the Beast
  10. You Die
  11. Cruel Discipline
  12. Bat
  • Ryan Waste
  • Nick Poulos
  • Felix Griffin

Axetasy  EP
2019 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Wild Fever
  2. Long Live the Lewd
  3. ICE
  4. Ritual Fool
  5. Slash of the Blade
  6. Axestasy
  • Ryan Waste
  • Nick Poulos
  • Felix Griffin

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