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Beyond Dawn

Beyond Dawn is one of those bands that, given a casual listen to their music, may well invoke the response "why are these guys featured on a metal site?". Indeed, much of their work, notably everything from mid-career onward, has very little to do with metal at all. But they are included here for a number of reasons. One, their early history is rooted in metal, and there are fleeting moments of those early influences on their later material. Two, the list of record labels that have released their albums is practically a who's-who of independent metal labels, leading the casual observer to think that this might be a real metal band. And three, they have a dark tone that at times does align itself to the metal ethic (they are, in effect, one of those "non-metal bands that metal fans might like"). Given all this, actually describing their music is far from easy, particularly given that they do mutate from album to album, but the style on 1999's Electric Sulking Machine is somewhat of a dark, melancholic synth-electro-pop sound, with understated vocals, the occasional presence of non-metal instruments such as a trombone, and a general feel of quirky experimentalism that never seems forced or out of control. It's really a fascinating listen, and again it's almost exclusively non-metal, yet still highly recommended to the adventurous listener. As for their other material, predictably the debut EP Longing For Scarlet Days is a bit more conventional and heavy, while Reverie is an acoustic affair, simpler yet still interesting in its approach. Clearly a band unafraid to explore whatever mood they seem fit, Beyond Dawn is a unique and compelling group.

Current Members

Espen Ingierd


Petter Haavik


Tore Gjedrem


Einar Sjursø

drums (ex-Ved Buens Ende, ex-Virus)


Longing For Scarlet Days  EP
1994 Adipocere
  1. Cold
  2. Moonwomb
  3. Chaosphere
  4. Clouds Swept Away The Colours
  • Espen Ingierd
  • Petter Haavik
  • Tore Gjedrem
  • Einar Sjursø

Pity Love  
1995 Candlelight
  1. When Beauty Dies
  2. The Penance
  3. (Never A) Bygone
  4. Teardance
  5. As The Evening Falters, The Dogs Howl
  6. Embers
  7. Storm
  8. Ripe As The Night
  9. Daughter Sunday
  • Espen Ingierd
  • Petter Haavik
  • Tore Gjedrem
  • Einar Sjursø

1998 Misanthropy
  1. Love's (Only) True Defender
  2. Tender
  3. Resemblance
  4. Stuck
  5. Three Steps For The Chameleon (how To Seduce Modesty)
  6. I Am A Drug
  7. Breathe The Jackal
  8. Life's Sweetest Reward
  9. Chains
  10. Phase To Phase
  • Espen Ingierd
  • Petter Haavik
  • Tore Gjedrem
  • Einar Sjursø

1999 Eibon
  1. Need
  2. Rendezvous
  3. Prey
  4. Atmosphere (version)
  5. Confident As Hell
  6. Naked (how To Produce Honesty)
  7. Phase - Juxtaposition
  8. Chameleon
  • Espen Ingierd
  • Petter Haavik
  • Tore Gjedrem
  • Einar Sjursø

Electric Sulking Machine  
1999 Peaceville
  1. Violence Heals
  2. Addictions Are Private
  3. On The Subject Of Turning Insane
  4. Certain Qualities
  5. Fairy Liquid
  6. Aagé
  7. Pop Ist Verboten
  8. Cigarette
  9. Pacific Blue Disorder
  10. Hairy Liquor (mer Kraft I Hver Draabe)
  • Espen Ingierd
  • Petter Haavik
  • Tore Gjedrem
  • Einar Sjursø

2003 Peaceville
  1. Far From Showbiz
  2. Increasing The Gravity
  3. Among The Sedatives
  4. Righteous Underground
  5. The Right People
  6. Right Money
  7. Maybe Deeper
  8. Trnql
  9. Severed Survival
  10. bloody Comeback
  11. At Ritas
  12. Strange Relief
  13. Decreasing The Gravity (trulz & Robin Mix)
  14. The Beyond Brain
  • Espen Ingierd
  • Petter Haavik
  • Tore Gjedrem
  • Einar Sjursø

We're Down With Species Of Any Kind (remixes)  
2005 Duplicate
  1. Among The Sedatives (verbose)
  2. Bloody Comeback (martin Horntventh)
  3. Strange Relief (the New Men)
  4. Far From Showbiz (bjorn Svin)
  5. Far From Showbiz (snuten)
  6. Trnql (rune Lindbaek)
  7. Bloody Comeback (trulz & Robin)
  8. Severed Survival (center Of The Universe)
  9. Increasing The Gravity (xhale)
  10. Strange Relief (origami Galaktika)

2009 Duplicate
  1. Cold
  2. Moonwomb
  3. Chaosphere
  4. Clouds Swept Away The Colours
  5. Strained, Down And Under
  6. Bygone
  7. Utopia
  8. Glass Desert
  9. The Sound Of Wings
  10. The Tempest

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