Origin: Melbourne, Australia  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: July 15, 2009
Last update/review: July 15, 2009

Bengal Tigers

There wasn't a lot of metal in Australia in the early 80's, but Bengal Tigers were one such band, debuting in 1982 with the Metal Fetish EP. They toured quite a bit in their home country for years and years, even though they didn't get another release put out until the mid-nineties. Metal Fetish displayed a basic NWOBHM / Judas Priest style, not bad at all for the time.

Last Lineup

Gordon Heald


Keith Peter-Budge


James R. Power


Mick Egan


Former Members/Guests

Barney Fakhouri


Steve Tyler



Metal Fetish  EP
  1. Break And Bend
  2. Heavin'
  3. Got To Deliver
  4. Fallen Idol
  5. Pounding Energy
  • Gordon Heald
  • Barney Fakhouri
  • Steve Tyler
  • Mick Egan

Painclinic  EP
1995 S&M
  1. Do It!
  2. On the Leash
  3. To the East
  4. Body Heat
  5. Evil Hour
  6. Hidden Track
  • Gordon Heald
  • Keith Peter-Budge
  • James R. Power
  • Mick Egan

In The Blood  
1998 self-released
  1. Tool
  2. Pain
  3. In One Ear
  4. Burned
  5. Fight for Your Right
  6. Leather
  7. In The Blood
  8. Out On The Run
  9. Mean Streets
  10. I Got You to Do It
  11. Hot Lips
  12. Leather (reprise)
  • Gordon Heald
  • Keith Peter-Budge
  • James R. Power
  • Mick Egan

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