Origin: Melbourne, Australia  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: April 19, 2005

Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust was one of the pioneers of Australian black metal, recording two uncompromsing black/death metal albums in the mid-nineties before breaking up. Their style was raw and furious, in the old-school Norwegian black metal tradition.

Last Lineup

Damon Bloodstorm (Damon Burr)


Chris Corpsemolester


Chris Masochist


Phil Gresik

bass (Destroyer 666, ex-Hobbs Angel Of Death)

Markus Hellcunt


Former Members/Guests

Keith Destroyer (Keith)


Joe Skullfucker



Vengeance War Til Death  
1994 Modern Inv.
  1. Bestial Warlust
  2. Dweller of the Bottomless Pit
  3. Satanic
  4. Heathens
  5. Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse
  6. Storming Vengeance
  7. At the Graveyard of God
  • Damon Bloodstorm
  • Chris Corpsemolester
  • Keith Destroyer
  • Joe Skullfucker
  • Markus Hellcunt

Blood And Valour  
1995 Modern Inv.
  1. Blood and Valour
  2. Death Rides Out
  3. Descention, Hellsblood
  4. Barbaric Horde
  5. ...til the End
  6. Within the Storm
  7. Legion of Wrath
  8. Orgy of Souls (Hallowed Night)
  9. I the Warrior
  • Damon Bloodstorm
  • Chris Corpsemolester
  • Chris Masochist
  • Phil Gresik
  • Markus Hellcunt

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