Origin: Arlington, Virginia, USA  
Genres: 70's Metal, Doom Metal
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Bedemon is a hallowed name in 70's doom circles due to the association with Pentagram. As the story goes, Bedemon was essentially a solo project for guitarist Randy Palmer, who roped in some Pentagram friends to record some tracks, really for personal satisfaction more than anything else. Three different lineups between 1973 and 1986 laid down various songs before the project was put to rest, at least partially because vocalist Bobby Liebling returned to a reactivated Pentagram. Fast forward to 2001, journalist/guitarist Perry Grayson (Destiny's End) contacted the members for interviews and ended up re-sparking interest in the band, leading to a reformation. Work was well underway recording new tracks when Palmer unfortunately passed away in August 2002, suffering injuries in a car accident. Eventually the old recordings were packaged as the Child Of Darkness compilation, and the 2002 recordings finally emerged some ten years later in the form of Symphony Of Shadows. The early compilation tracks are quite rough, really early demos more than anything, but share a heritage with Pentagram and 70's metal in general. As Bedemon was really Palmer's project it seems unlikely that there will be any future recordings.

Last Lineup

Craig Junghandel


Randy Palmer

guitars RIP: August 8, 2002, car accident, age 49

Mike Matthews


Geof O'Keefe

drums (ex-Pentagram)

Former Members/Guests

Bobby Liebling

vocals (Pentagram)

Normal Lawson


Greg Mayne

bass (ex-Pentagram) RIP: November 13, 2021, lung cancer, age 67


Child Of Darkness: From The Original Master Tapes  COMPILATION
2005 Black Widow
  1. Child of Darkness
  2. Enslaver of Humanity
  3. Frozen Fear
  4. One-way Road
  5. Serpent Venom
  6. Last Call
  7. Drive Me to the Grave
  8. Into the Grave
  9. Skinned
  10. Through the Gates of Hell
  11. Touch the Sky
  12. Child of Darkness II
  13. Time Bomb
  14. Nighttime Killers
  15. Axe to Grind

Symphony Of Shadows  
2012 Svart
  1. Saviour
  2. Lord of Desolation
  3. Son of Darkness
  4. The Plague
  5. D.E.D.
  6. Kill You Now
  7. Godless
  8. Hopeless
  9. Eternally Unhuman
  • Craig Junghandel
  • Randy Palmer
  • Mike Matthews
  • Geof O'Keefe

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