Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
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Page online: May 31, 2010
Last update/review: December 8, 2022

Black Anvil

Black Anvil is a black metal band from New York, consisting of three guys who also play in the hardcore band Kill Your Idols, as well as other NYHC bands. This gives some the excuse to claim that Black Anvil isn't true black metal, which is short-sighted at best. Anyway, the trio debuted in 2008 with Time Insults The Mind, and even if this isn't their prime musical outlet, it's still pretty decent black metal, borrowing liberally from the Norse scene without cloning it. It's not all cold and frost, though -- "Release The Kraken" is more classic thrash, "L.T.H.L.T.K" is straight-up death'n'roll, perhaps betraying a bit of their hardcore roots, and there are noticeable Celtic Frost influences throughout (beyond just their decent cover of "Dethroned Emperor"). Relapse Records has signed these guys, re-released the album, and a newer album is on the way.

Current Members

Paul Delaney


Travis Bacon


Jeremy Sosville


Raeph Glicken


Former Members/Guests

Gary Bennett



Time Insults The Mind  
2008 Monumentum
  1. Margin For Terror
  2. Ten Talons Deep
  3. Deathsomnia
  4. On This Day Death
  5. Release The Kraken
  6. And You Thought You Knew Pain!
  7. 777
  8. L.T.H.L.T.K.
  9. Dethroned Emperor
  • Paul Delaney
  • Gary Bennett
  • Raeph Glicken

2010 Relapse
  1. What Is Life If Not Now!
  2. Crippling
  3. The Evil Of All Roots
  4. Ultimate Reality
  5. Angels To Dust
  6. We Own You
  7. Scalping
  8. Eliminate
  9. Dead And Left
  10. With Transparent Blood
  11. Veadtuck
  • Paul Delaney
  • Gary Bennett
  • Raeph Glicken

Hail Death  
2014 Relapse
  1. Still Reborn
  2. Redemption Through Blood
  3. Eventide
  4. Seven Stars Unseen
  5. G.N.O.N.
  6. Until the End
  7. My Hate Is Pure
  8. N
  9. Next Level Black
  10. Under the Rose (Kiss cover)
  • Paul Delaney
  • Gary Bennett
  • Jeremy Sosville
  • Raeph Glicken

As Was  
2017 Relapse
  1. On Forgotten Ways
  2. May Her Wrath Be Just
  3. As Was
  4. Nothing
  5. As an Elder Learned Anew
  6. Two Keys: Here's the Lock
  7. The Way of All Flesh
  8. Ultra
  • Paul Delaney
  • Gary Bennett
  • Jeremy Sosville
  • Raeph Glicken

Miles  EP
2019 STB
  1. Iron Sharpens Iron
  2. Miles
  3. Everlasting Saturnalia (The Devil's Blood cover)
  4. A Corpse Without Soul (Mercyful Fate cover)

2022 Season Of Mist
  1. The Gates Of Brass
  2. In Two
  3. The Bet
  4. 8-bit Terror
  5. 29
  6. Silver & Steele
  7. Castrum Doloris
  8. Echoes & Tapestry
  9. VV
  10. NYC Nightmares
  11. Grant Us His Love
  12. Regenesis

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