Origin: Finland  
Genres: Black Metal
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Page online: January 27, 2008
Last update/review: October 11, 2015

Black Crucifixion

It's been quite a journey for Black Crucifixion. Back in their formative days (they first came together in 1989) they were as true kvlt black metal as they come, and in fact several members of another old-school Finnish black metal band, Beherit, were seen here. An EP was released in 1993, but after that they went quiet, eventually embarking on a ten-year recording session for their proper full-length album, Faustian Dream, released in 2006 (an early demo did get re-released in the interim, surfacing in 1999). By this time Black Crucifixion had shed practically all of its black metal connections, the band now employing a dark, bleak style sometimes in the early doomdeath mold (though the vocals are clean), at other times recalling prime Celtic Frost, and still other times (perhaps most often) an early gothic styling a la older Moonspell or newer Sentenced. It's fairly originally and a compelling listen, with a rather primitive production adding a bit of old-school charm. Two subsequent albums were released in 2011 and 2013.

Current Members

Forn (Timo Iivari)




E. Henrik Juujärvi


P.A. Totensraum


Former Members/Guests

Juha Kullpi


Black Christ (Arjo Wennström)


Sodomatic Slaughter (Jari Pirinen)

drums (ex-Beherit)



V.S. Scorpius



Promethean Gift  EP
1993 Lethal
  1. Promethean Gift
  2. Serpent of Your Holy Garden
  3. Journey into Myself (Through a Ritual)
  4. Flowing Downwards
  • Forn
  • Juha Kullpi
  • E. Henrik Juujärvi
  • Sodomatic Slaughter

The Fallen One Of Flames  EP
1999 Soulseller
  1. Intro
  2. Flowing Downwards
  3. Master Spirit
  4. Goddess Of Doom
  5. Outro

Faustian Dream  
2006 Paragon
  1. Faustian Dream
  2. As Black as the Roses (as Weak as My Smile)
  3. Bible Black Tyrant
  4. Wrath Without Hate
  5. Where Will You Hide
  6. Winterkill
  7. Scandinavian Melancholy
  8. Frailest
  9. Faustian Scream
  • Forn
  • E. Henrik Juujärvi
  • Lehtar

Satanic Zeitgeist  LIVE
2009 Soulseller
  1. Phobos Watching You
  2. Black Crucifixion
  3. In league with Satan (Venom cover)
  4. Satanic Zeitgeist
  5. Nightmare (Sarcófago cover)
  6. Leaving Rovaniemi by Night
  • Forn
  • Juha Kullpi
  • Black Christ
  • Sodomatic Slaughter

Hope Of Retaliation  
2011 Soulseller
  1. Retaliation
  2. Night Birds Sing Your Demise
  3. Blood Soaked Snow
  4. Bitten by the Long Frosts of Life
  5. Where Will You Hide (Live)
  6. Master Spirit (Live)
  7. Promethean Gift (Live)
  8. Serpent of Your Holy Garden (Live)
  9. Winterkill (Live)
  • Forn
  • Markus
  • E. Henrik Juujärvi
  • V.S. Scorpius

Coronation Of King Darkness  
2013 Spinefarm
  1. Coronation of King Darkness
  2. What the Night Birds Sang
  3. Heroes End Up on Gallows
  4. Millions of Twigs Guide Your Way Through the Forest
  5. Threefold
  6. In the Bright Light of Night I Await the Turning Tide
  7. Lodestar
  8. Thieves
  • Forn
  • Markus
  • E. Henrik Juujärvi
  • P.A. Totensraum

Lightless Violent Chaos  
2018 Spinefarm
  1. Five-pointed Eye
  2. Black Hole Metal
  3. Free of Light
  4. Deathless Be Me
  5. Of the Godless and Brave
  6. Discipline
  7. Intuition
  • Forn
  • Markus
  • E. Henrik Juujärvi
  • P.A. Totensraum

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