Origin: England  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: September 3, 2002

The Blood Divine

Blood Divine brought together three former members of Cradle Of Filth and one current one, and along with ex-Anathema vocalist Darren White produced two albums of dark, gothic metal, somewhat along the lines of later Anathema or perhaps earlier Moonspell. Since the band's breakup in 1998, White has formed a new band called Dead Men Dream (link below).

Last Lineup

Darren White

vocals (ex-Anathema)

Paul Ryan

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Cradle Of Filth)

Paul Allender

guitars (ex-Cradle Of Filth)

Steve Maloney


Benjamin Ryan

keyboards (ex-Cradle Of Filth)

William Sarginson

drums (ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-December Moon, ex-Deinonychus)


1996 Peaceville
  1. So Serene
  2. Moonlight Adorns
  3. Visions (Of A Post-Apocalyptic World): Part I
  4. Wilderness
  5. These Deepest Feelings
  6. Aureole
  7. Oceans Rise
  8. Artemis
  9. In Crimson Dreams
  10. Heart Of Ebony
  11. War Summer Rain
  • Darren White
  • Paul Ryan
  • Paul Allender
  • Steve Maloney
  • Benjamin Ryan
  • William Sarginson
1996 Readers' Album #63

1997 Peaceville
  1. Mystica
  2. As Rapture Fades
  3. Visions In Blue
  4. The Passion Reigns
  5. Leaving Me Helpless
  6. I Believe
  7. Enhanced By Your Touch
  8. Sensual Ecstacy
  9. Fear Of A Lonely World
  10. Prayer
  • Darren White
  • Paul Ryan
  • Paul Allender
  • Steve Maloney
  • Benjamin Ryan
  • William Sarginson

Rise Pantheon Dreams  COMPILATION
2002 Peaceville
  1. Aureole
  2. Visions In Blue
  3. As Rapture Fades
  4. Revolt
  5. Wilderness
  6. Sensual Ecstasy
  7. Enhanced By Your Touch
  8. I Will Bleed
  9. The Passion Reigns
  10. Leaving Me Helpless
  11. Forever Belongs (Unreleased)
  12. So Serene
  13. Crazy Horses (Live)
  14. Aureole (Live)

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