Origin: Orange County, California, USA  
Genres: Metalcore
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Page online: July 23, 2005
Last update/review: January 11, 2015

Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through emerged from the Southern California hardcore scene in the late nineties, the members deciding on a more metallic style than their previous bands. They debuted in 2001 with Dust To Ashes, eventually recording seven studio albums. Like many of the current metalcore bands, BT shows at least a trace of the Swedish melodic death influence, though these guys (and gal) are in general quite a bit heavier than In Flames and the like, the songs being denser, more caustic, and clearly more in-your-face, yet not without a bit of melody. The keyboard work is interesting -- though it's a secondary instrument here, they provide a sort of counterbalance to the rest of the instruments, coloring the songs in an atmospheric sense that gives the band a bit of an original edge. Vocally, well, it's metalcore, so hardcore shouts are the order of the day, though Brendan Schieppati's roars aren't as monotonous as others. They announced their breakup in January 2013.

Last Lineup

Brandon Schieppati

vocals (ex-Throwdown)

Scott Danough


Dave Nassie

guitars (Throwdown)

Brian Leppke


Ryan Wombacher


Marta Peterson


Derek Youngsma


Former Members/Guests

Jonah Weinhofen


Chad Tafolla


Vijay Kumar


Mick Morris


Molly Street


Troy Born



Dust To Ashes  
  1. Turns Cold To The Touch
  2. Hemlock Society
  3. Just Another Pretty Face
  4. Shadow Walker
  5. Ill Part Two
  6. Reflection
  7. I Dream Of July
  8. Oedipus Complex
  9. Lay On The Train Tracks
  10. Thrones Of Agony
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Scott Danough
  • Chad Tafolla
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Molly Street
  • Troy Born

Portrait Of The Goddess  
2002 Indecision
  1. Rise
  2. Our Enemies
  3. Wake of Orion
  4. Just Another Pretty Face
  5. Savior, Saint, Salvation
  6. Turns Cold to the Touch
  7. Portrait of the Goddess
  8. Ill, Pt. 2
  9. I Dream of July
  10. Insomniac
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Scott Danough
  • Brian Leppke
  • Mick Morris
  • Molly Street
  • Derek Youngsma

This Is Love, This Is Murderous  
2004 Trustkill
  1. Love Lost In A Hail Of Gun Fire
  2. Sweet Vampirous
  3. Number Seven With A Bullet
  4. On Wings Of Lead
  5. What I Bleed Without You
  6. This Is Love, This Is Murderous
  7. City Of The Condemned
  8. Mutilation
  9. Murder By Numbers
  10. Dead Like Me
  11. Shadow Walker
  12. Revenge I Seek
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Scott Danough
  • Brian Leppke
  • Ryan Wombacher
  • Marta Peterson
  • Derek Youngsma

The Truth  
2006 Trustkill
  1. For Love and Failing
  2. Confession
  3. Love in slow motion
  4. The Pain Killer
  5. Kill To Believe
  6. Dearly Demented
  7. Line In The Sand
  8. She's Gone
  9. Tragedy Of Empty Streets
  10. Return To Sender
  11. Hollywood Prison
  12. The Truth
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Scott Danough
  • Brian Leppke
  • Ryan Wombacher
  • Marta Peterson
  • Derek Youngsma

2008 Trustkill
  1. Finis Fatalis Spei
  2. Declaration (You Can't Destroy What You Can Not Replace)
  3. Orange County Blonde and Blue
  4. Germany
  5. There Was a Flood
  6. French Inquisition
  7. Reborn from Isolation
  8. Death Anxiety
  9. Beneath the Grey
  10. Seller's Market
  11. Sister Charlatan
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Jonah Weinhofen
  • Brian Leppke
  • Ryan Wombacher
  • Marta Peterson
  • Derek Youngsma

Bleeding Through  
2010 Rise
  1. A Resurrection
  2. Anti-Hero
  3. Your Abandonment
  4. Fifteen Minutes
  5. Salvation Never Found
  6. Breathing In The Wrath
  7. This Time Nothing Is Sacred
  8. Divide The Armies
  9. Drag Me To The Ocean
  10. Light My Eyes
  11. Slow Your Roll
  12. Distortion, Devotion
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Dave Nassie
  • Brian Leppke
  • Ryan Wombacher
  • Marta Peterson
  • Derek Youngsma

The Great Fire  
2012 Rise
  1. March
  2. Faith In Fire
  3. Goodbye To Death
  4. Final Hours
  5. Starving Vultures
  6. Everything You Love Is Gone
  7. Walking Dead
  8. Devil And Self Doubt
  9. Step Back In Line
  10. Trail Of Seclusion
  11. Deaf Ears
  12. One By One
  13. Entrenched
  14. Back To Life
  • Brandon Schieppati
  • Dave Nassie
  • Brian Leppke
  • Ryan Wombacher
  • Marta Peterson
  • Derek Youngsma

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