Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Metalcore
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Bloodsimple was formed in 2002 by Tim Williams and Mike Kennedy, following the demise of their previous band, the influential hardcore/metalcore band Vision Of Disorder. Red Harvest, the band's second effort, combines metalcore with some Pantera punch and a shade of nu-metal groove, with Williams' vocals alternating between a true metalcore snarl and a more Anselmo-ish roar. The riffs are chunky and heavy, the production is clear, and the band has a knack for writing catchy (not in a poppy sense, but memorable) songs. The band apparently withered away some time after Red Harvest's release, with Vision Of Disorder coming back to life.

Last Lineup

Tim Williams


Mike Kennedy


Nick Rowe


Kyle Sanders


Former Members/Guests

Chris Hamilton

drums (downset.)

Will Hunt (guest)

drums (ex-Black Label Society)


A Cruel World  
2005 Reprise
  1. Straight Hate
  2. Path to Prevail
  3. What If I Lost It
  4. Blood in Blood Out
  5. Sell Me Out
  6. Leaving Song
  7. Running from Nothing
  8. Cruel World
  9. Flatlined
  10. Falling Backwards
  11. Plunder
  • Tim Williams
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Nick Rowe
  • Kyle Sanders
  • Chris Hamilton

Red Harvest  
2007 Reprise
  1. Ride With Me
  2. Red Harvest
  3. Dark Helmet
  4. Dead Man Walking
  5. Out to Get You
  6. Suck It Up
  7. Death from Above
  8. Whiskey Bent and Hellbound (Hellmyr)
  9. Killing Time
  10. Truth (Thicker than Water)
  11. Numina Infuscata
  • Tim Williams
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Nick Rowe
  • Kyle Sanders
  • Will Hunt

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