Origin: Haugesund, Norway  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: May 21, 2007
Last update/review: May 21, 2007


Battered combined three guys from the Viking band known as Einherjer (in fact, the entire Einherjer lineup at the time that band initially broke up) with two guys from another band called Headblock. At the time, it was said that the members wished to pursue other interests, and indeed Battered bears little resemblance to Einherjer, as there no Viking influences here. Instead, Battered goes for a modern, thrashy sound, with somewhat shouted vocals from Sigurd Olaisen that are somewhat samey at times. The same three went back to concentrating on Einherjer, likely signalling the end of this band.

Last Lineup

Sigurd Olaisen


Frode Glesnes

guitars/vocals (Einherjer)

Aksel Herløe

guitars (Einherjer)

Ole Moldesæther


Gerhard Storesund

drums (Einherjer)


2006 Tabu
  1. Oblivion Awaits
  2. New Lament
  3. Demagog
  4. Not One
  5. The Dig
  6. Industrial Killing
  7. Perfect Illusion
  8. Parasight
  9. The Flagellant
  10. Derelict
  • Sigurd Olaisen
  • Frode Glesnes
  • Aksel Herløe
  • Ole Moldesæther
  • Gerhard Storesund

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