Origin: Maidstone, England  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: February 17, 2012
Last update/review: February 17, 2012

Crowned In Earth

Crowned In Earth is essentially a one-man project led by Englishman Kevin Lawry, who's made the rounds with some other bands over the years but decided to form his own doom group. He brought in drummer Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine, Sinister Realm) to lay down drum tracks, and playing the rest of the instruments himeself, produced a debut album Visions Of The Haunted in 2010 on the ever-reliable Shadow Kingdom label. Four of the five songs are at least seven minutes long and are of the traditional doom variety, bringing to mind bands such as Trouble, Pentagram, or St. Vitus, with an occasional touch of church organs lending a slight funeral doom influence, though this band really doesn't go in that direction (the fifth song, "Downward Spiral", is shorter and a bit more up-tempo, but doesn't sound out of place here). Lawry's vocals are capable yet understated -- he doesn't try to do too much, but his style is along the lines of the aforementioned bands and thus fit in just fine. A fine effort in the classic doom field.

Current Members

Kevin Lawry


Darin McCloskey

drums (Pale Divine, ex-Sinister Realm)


Visions Of The Haunted  
2010 Shadow Kingdom
  1. The Sun Never Stays
  2. The Voice That Controls
  3. Downward Spiral
  4. Miles I Walk
  5. Awaken
  • Kevin Lawry
  • Darin McCloskey

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