Origin: Oakwood, Georga, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: November 5, 2003

Cauldron Born

On 1997's Born Of The Cauldron, Cauldron Born are very much rooted in the 80's tradition, with vague similarities to bands like Helstar, or perhaps a more uptempo Arch-era Fates Warning. There is also a noticeable progressive influence at work, with all four band members displaying an usually high degree of musicianship, particularly the wailing vocals of Danny White and the excellent classical-influenced guitar work of Howie Bentley. Having released some older demos under the title God Of Metal, the band released their second album, ... And Rome Shall Fall, in 2002.

Last Lineup

Zane Matthews


Howie Bentley


Shawn Kascak

bass (ex-Outworld)

Bill Parsons


Former Members/Guests

Danny White

vocals (Aska, ex-Cloven Hoof)

Christian Schulze


Cat Denton


David Louden



Born Of The Cauldron  
1997 Underground Symphony
  1. Crusader
  2. The Sword's Lament
  3. Synchronicity At Midnight/A Baying Of Hounds
  4. Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
  5. The Final Incantation/In The Dreaming City
  6. In Fate's Eye A King
  7. Born Of The Cauldron
  8. Unholy Sanctuary
  • Danny White
  • Howie Bentley
  • Shawn Kascak
  • Bill Parsons

God Of Metal  
1998 Underground Symphony
  1. Calling From The Crystal Tower
  2. In Fate's Eye A King
  3. Crusader
  4. The Final Incantation/In The Dreaming City
  5. Dreaming With The Incubus
  6. Wicker Man
  7. Unleashing Wrath
  8. On Broken Wings Of Sorrow
  • Christian Schulze
  • Cat Denton
  • Howie Bentley
  • Shawn Kascak
  • Bill Parsons

... And Rome Shall Fall  
2002 Underground Symphony
  1. By This Axe I Rule
  2. ... And Rome Shall Fall
  3. Finder Of The Black Stone
  4. Blood Bath In The Arena
  5. Dragon Throne
  6. Clontarf
  7. Storming The Castle
  8. People Of The Dark Circle
  • David Louden
  • Howie Bentley
  • Shawn Kascak
  • Bill Parsons

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