Origin: London, England  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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As A Metal Of Fact is a fine debut from this London-based outfit (by way of Brazil), especially given this was a self-released effort. This is classic 80's-inspired traditional metal, nothing more and nothing less, delivered with conviction and style even if nothing really new is on offer. Many seem to point to Black Sabbath as a soundalike, but not to these ears, apart from the occasional young-Ozzy vocal pattern as well as the fact that all traditional bands are bound to have a bit of Sabbath in them. Less of an homage to the past than simply the band's own rendition of old-fashioned metal, this is a sure bet for those into straightfoward, no-frills heavy metal.

Current Members



Tadeu Dias


Dave Rimmer

bass (ex-Monument)

Arnaldo Rogano



As A Metal Of Fact  
2006 self-released
  1. Rush
  2. Deadman
  3. God Damn Rebel
  4. Us
  5. Going For It
  6. New Empire
  7. V-Red
  8. Blind Eye
  9. Devil's County
  10. Born Like Fire
  11. Watch Me From the Sky
  12. Can the World Be Wrong?
  13. Hole in the Sky
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  • Tadeu Dias
  • Dave Rimmer
  • Arnaldo Rogano

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