Origin: England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: February 9, 2010

Centurions Ghost

Named after a British ale, Centurions Ghost formed in 2001 and debuted with A Sign Of Things To Come on the Swedish I Hate label. This is raw, grindy doom metal, along the lines of prime Celtic Frost and Cathedral, crushingly heavy, with raspy, almost black-ish vocals. They aren't afraid to mix up the pace, alternating between funeral doom speed (see "Misery Serenade") and more uptempo numbers ("The Eighth Deadly Sin"). Very promising stuff.

Current Members

Mark Scurr


Federica Gialanza


Richard Whittaker


Gareth Millsted

drums (ex-End Of Level Boss, Lord Vicar)

Former Members/Guests

James Begley


Dan 138


Andrew Beryez



A Sign Of Things To Come  
2005 I Hate
  1. Devils Disciple
  2. Stigmartysm
  3. Requiem For The Haunted Heart
  4. Empyrean (Circle Of God)
  5. Suzanna
  6. Misery Serenade
  7. The Eighth Deadly Sin
  • James Begley
  • Dan 138
  • Andrew Beryez
  • Richard Whittaker
  • Gareth Millsted

The Great Work  
2007 I Hate
  1. The Supreme Moment
  2. Let Sleeping Corpses Die
  3. Only The Strong Can Survive
  4. Black Hearts Will Break
  5. The Great Work
  6. Bedbound (In The House Of Doom)
  7. Specimen No. 7
  8. In Defiance
  9. Walking Through Walls
  10. I Am God, You Are Denied

Blessed & Cursed In Equal Measure  
  1. Powerful Sense Of Dread
  2. Blessed & Cursed
  3. Wizard Of Edge
  4. A Born Leader
  5. Hyena Circle
  6. In Equal Measure
  7. IV Stronghold
  8. Temple

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