Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: October 29, 2003

Cemetary 1213

Whether this should be filed under the Cemetary banner is subject to debate. Cemetary 1213 was the third installment for Mathias Lodmalm, a path that started with the original band called Cemetary, which metamorphosed into Sundown for a time, and then here. The 1213 suffix was in reference to the Cemetary song "1213 - Transgalactica", and was meant to signal a rebirth as opposed to simply reforming the old band, though there may have been legal reasons for the addition. Anyway, The Beast Divine was indeed a new chapter for Lodmalm. While there were noticeable similarities to the Cemetary songs (circa Black Vanity), the songs here were brighter, the guitars edgier, and the tone a bit more upbeat, while at the same time the style were heavier than any previous Lodmalm work. The experiments with alternative musical directions (such as the excellent industrial-tinged "Antichrist 3000") worked well -- this was a quality album, arguably among the best of any Lodmalm release. Cemetary itself was resurrected once more after this project, Lodmalm by himself releasing an album in 2005 under the Cemetary banner (Phantasma) before leaving the metal music world altogether.

Last Lineup

Mathias Lodmalm

vocals/guitars (ex-Cemetary, ex-Sundown)

Manne Engström

guitars/vocals (ex-Beseech, ex-Sundown)

Vesa K.


Christian Silver

drums (guest for Lake Of Tears, ex-Sundown)


The Beast Divine  
2000 Century Media
  1. The Lightning / Firewire
  2. Union Of The Rats
  3. Silicon Karma (It Just Can't Be The Same)
  4. AntiChrist 3000
  5. The Carrier
  6. Linking Shadows
  7. Sunset Grace (Let-Me-Die-Alone)
  8. Dead Boy Wonder
  9. Empire Of The Divine
  10. Anthem Apocalypse
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Manne Engström
  • Vesa K.
  • Christian Silver

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