Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: June 23, 2005


It was quite a ride for Mathias Lodmalm and his band, Cemetary. The group debuted in 1993 with An Evil Shade Of Grey, in many respects a traditional death metal album, but over the course of the next several releases the band transitioned to an excellent and original dark gothic metal band, Lodmalm's vocals taking on a more gruff, less death-oriented style. They continued on until 1997, at which point Lodmalm decided to disband the group, only to form a similar band entitled Sundown (named after the 1996 Cemetary album). That band survived for a few years and released two albums, and Lodmalm again switched gears, with his next album released as Cemetary 1213 (one might argue that this was simply a Cemetary reformation, though it was explained that the 1213 suffix indicated a new beginning to a new band). That album, The Beast Divine, marked another shift in direction, toward a more aggressive, industrial-laced style.

After several years of quiet, Lodmalm finally returned in 2005 with the last chapter of the Cemetary saga. Recorded as a solo effort, Phantasma sees the man furthering his industrial/techno interests, with several songs sounding a bit like the slower, more recent Nine Inch Nails tunes. It's clearly the least traditional metal album of his career, and to some this might be off-putting, but to these ears Phantasma is alive, emotional, and electric -- a fine effort indeed. Citing disillusionment with the metal scene, Lodmalm announced in May 2005 that he would no longer wished to record metal albums, though undoubtably he would continue some sort of musical career.

Last Lineup

Mathias Lodmalm

vocals/guitars/keyboards (ex-Cemetary 1213, ex-Sundown)

Former Members/Guests

Anton Hedberg

rhythm guitar

Anders Iwers

lead guitar (ex-Ceremonial Oath, ex-Dark Tranquillity, ex-Mercury Tide, Tiamat)

Zriuko Culjak


Tomas Josefsson


Juha Sievers


Markus Nordberg

drums (ex-Ceremonial Oath)


An Evil Shade Of Grey  
1992 Black Mark
  1. Dead Red
  2. Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream
  3. Dark Illusions
  4. An Evil Shade Of Grey
  5. Sidereal Passing
  6. Scars
  7. Nightmare Lake
  8. Souldrain
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Anton Hedberg
  • Zriuko Culjak
  • Juha Sievers

Godless Beauty  
1993 Black Mark
  1. Now She Walks The Shadows
  2. The Serpent's Kiss
  3. And Julie Is No More
  4. By My Own Hand
  5. Chain
  6. Adrift In Scarlet Twilight
  7. In Black
  8. Sunrise (Never Again)
  9. Where The Fire Forever Burns
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Anton Hedberg
  • Zriuko Culjak
  • Juha Sievers
1993 Readers' Album #66

Black Vanity  
1994 Black Mark
  1. Bitter Seed
  2. Ebony Rain
  3. Hunger Of The Innocent
  4. Scarecrow
  5. Black Flowers Of Passion
  6. Last Departure / Serpentine parade
  7. Sweet Tragedy
  8. Pale Autumn Fire
  9. Out In Sand
  10. Rosemery Taste The Sky
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Anders Iwers
  • Tomas Josefsson
  • Markus Nordberg

1996 Black Mark
  1. Elysia
  2. Closer to the pain
  3. Last transmission
  4. Sundown
  5. Ophidian
  6. Primal
  7. New dawn coming
  8. The embrace
  9. Morningstar
  10. The wake
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Anders Iwers
  • Tomas Josefsson
  • Markus Nordberg
1996 Readers' Album #50

Last Confession  
1997 Black Mark
  1. Forever
  2. Caress the Damned
  3. So sad your sorrow
  4. 1213--Trancegalactica
  5. Twin reactor
  6. Fields of fire
  7. One burning night
  8. Carbon heart
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Anders Iwers
  • Tomas Josefsson
  • Markus Nordberg

Sweetest Tragedies  COMPILATION
1998 Black Mark
  1. Last Transmission
  2. Scarecrow
  3. Caress The Damned
  4. By My Own Hand
  5. Ophidian
  6. Where The Rivers Of Madness
  7. Stream
  8. Pale Autumn Fire
  9. And Julie Is No More
  10. So Sad Your Sorrow
  11. Elysia
  12. Sweet Tragedy
  13. Where The Fire Forever Burns
  14. Sundown

2005 Black Mark
  1. Far from God
  2. Plasma Phantasma
  3. Basic Black
  4. Down Cold
  5. Coma Burn
  6. 2nd Last to Nowhere
  7. Wavecell
  8. Drowning Out the World
  9. Tapes of their Voices
  • Mathias Lodmalm

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