Origin: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: March 12, 2016
Last update/review: March 12, 2016


Hailing from North Carolina, Cerebus was one of several bands snapped up by the young New Renaissance label in the mid-eighties, and their sole album, Too Late To Prey, is a fine representation of the state of indie metal back then, traditional Priest/Maiden-ish metal bordering on speed metal. A couple of rare EPs were later put out but the band never really gained traction and faded away in the early nineties.

Last Lineup

Scott Board


Andy Huffine


Chris Pennell


Eric Burgess


Joby Barker



Too Late To Pray  
1986 New Renaissance
  1. Running Out of Time
  2. Taking Your Chances
  3. Distant Eyes
  4. Too Late to Pray
  5. Rock the House Down
  6. Catch Me If You Can
  7. Talk Is Cheap
  8. Longing for Home
  • Scott Board
  • Andy Huffine
  • Chris Pennell
  • Eric Burgess
  • Joby Barker

Like A Banshee On The Loose  EP
  1. Easy Money -
  2. Stay in the Fight -
  3. All Night Long -
  4. Like a Banshee on the Loose -

Regression Progression  EP
1991 Rockduster
  1. On the Edge
  2. Wasted Time
  3. Invisible
  4. Close the Door
  5. The Offering

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