Origin: San Diego, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: January 22, 2017

Chaotic Order

Chaotic Order was a San Diego band who gained some notoriety when James Rivera (ex-Helstar, later of Destiny's End) briefly sang for them. Shortly after the release of the Chaotic Order CD, the band recorded a demo, with Rivera and guitarist Chris Meadors joining the original trio. However, due to personality conflicts, Rivera and Meadors left the band, and Chaotic Order reverted back to a trio, and then expanded back to a quartet. Musically, Chaotic Order is rooted in traditional metal, with a dark, powerful style, complimented by Matt McMullen's gruff vocals. Not a million miles away from Helstar in sound (except the vocals). The band recorded another demo in 2003 before breaking up.

Last Lineup

Matt McMullen


Matt Krivicke


Jon Bain

bass/backing vocals

Jack Dubord

drums/backing vocals


Chaotic Order  
1997 independent
  • Matt McMullen
  • Jon Bain
  • Jack Dubord

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