Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Metalcore
Page online: May 13, 2006
Last update/review: May 13, 2006


More metalcore from one of the major hotbeds of the genre, Cannae has a slightly less overbearing take on the style, with a bit more diversity and plenty of nice melodies along with the crunchy guitars and the usual vocal style. Standard metalcore is at times limiting, and while Cannae isn't stretching the boundaries imposed by the genre, they execute well within them.

Current Members

Adam Dulong


Stephen Colombo


Alex Vieira


Shane Frisby


Colin Conway


Former Members/Guests

Jason Zucco


Dan Campenella


Michael Boutilette



Troubleshooting Death  
2000 East Coast
  1. Exploiting The Human Opportunity
  2. Opportunity
  3. Dawn Of Dark Skies
  4. Troubleshooting Death
  5. Screened In
  6. Lignum Vitae
  7. While Wall Reap Black
  8. Figures
  9. Pretty Noise
  10. Human Head
  • Adam Dulong
  • Stephen Colombo
  • Jason Zucco
  • Dan Campenella
  • Michael Boutilette

2003 Prosthetic
  1. Synapse
  2. Symmetry Of Fear
  3. The Gathering
  4. Anna's Love
  5. Two Feet From The Ground
  6. Finest Minds
  7. Human Breed
  8. Intro
  9. Black Flowers
  10. Projector
  • Adam Dulong
  • Stephen Colombo
  • Jason Zucco
  • Dan Campenella
  • Michael Boutilette

Gold Becomes Sacrifice  
2005 Prosthetic
  1. Rats, Snakes, And Thieves
  2. Faceless Portrait
  3. Indemnity
  4. Marked By Monuments
  5. Collapse
  6. Mechanics Of Moving Backwards
  7. Audience Of The Unspoken
  8. Bastinado
  9. Acts Of False Signals
  10. Fear And Panic
  • Adam Dulong
  • Stephen Colombo
  • Alex Vieira
  • Shane Frisby
  • Colin Conway

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