Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: June 8, 2004
Last update/review: June 8, 2004


Judging from song titles such as "Dentist Or Death" and "Pestilential Penis", stage names such as Grave Raper and Chainsaw Demon, and three albums all with "Speed Metal" in the title, it's a safe bet that this band doesn't take anything very seriously. Speed metal is very much the order of the day here, specifically ultra-speedy raw thrash along the lines of, say, old Sodom, with an over-the-top shrieking vocalist wailing away about lawnmowers and butchers and who knows what else. It's good for a laugh, and there actually are some decent riffs every so often, but it's all quite samey and after a while the novelty wears thin. Speed metal purists might find these guys entertaining, if nothing else.

Last Lineup

Fredrik Söderberg

guitars/vocals (Dawn)

Gustaf Von Segebaden


Philip Von Segebaden

bass (ex-Afflicted, Dawn, ex-Defender)

Johan Hallberg


Former Members/Guests

Joakim Pettersson

drums (ex-Thy Primordial)


Speed Metal Satan  EP
1997 Necropolis
  1. Lucifer.s Breath (The Storm To Come)
  2. Storm Of Steel And Hate
  3. Riders Of Damnation
  4. Bestial Butcher
  5. Raped By Demon
  • Fredrik Söderberg
  • Gustaf Von Segebaden
  • Philip Von Segebaden
  • Joakim Pettersson

Speed Metal Slaughter  
1998 Necropolis
  1. Slaughter On The Dance Floor
  2. Lawnmower Lover
  3. Dentist Of Death
  4. S.R.T. (Satanic Rescue Team)
  5. A Devil On The Drums- Sluts Of Satan
  6. Graveyard Romance
  7. Satanic Holiday
  • Fredrik Söderberg
  • Gustaf Von Segebaden
  • Philip Von Segebaden
  • Johan Hallberg

Speed Metal Sentence  
1999 Necropolis
  1. Speed Metal Sentence
  2. Nymphomaniac Nuns
  3. Full Moon Fistbanger
  4. Satanic Sect
  5. Pestilential Penis
  6. Samurai Satan
  7. Taxi Terror
  8. Cranium- Crushers Of Christ
  • Fredrik Söderberg
  • Gustaf Von Segebaden
  • Philip Von Segebaden
  • Johan Hallberg

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