Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: June 5, 2006
Last update/review: June 5, 2006


Creozoth is one of many branches off the Candlemass tree, here featuring guitarist Lasse Johansson and drummer Jan Lindh. Comparisons can be made to another band that featured this pair, that being Zoic -- like that band, Creozoth retains some of the classic doom elements (Johansson's guitar tone is unmistakeable) while upping the song tempos a bit more in line with traditional metal. Vocalist Michael Storck (apparently a one-time Yngwie Malmsteen frontman) has a clear, gritty, powerful voice that complements the music well, the riffs are meaty, and the production is solid. Those expecting a Candlemass clone might be disappointed, but anyone into classic European metal might want to try these guys out.

Last Lineup

Michael Storck


Lasse Johansson

guitars (Candlemass, ex-Zoic)

Torbjörn Moen


Jan Lindh

drums (Candlemass, ex-Zoic)


2005 Escapi
  1. With The Flow
  2. Stares Back
  3. Forsaken
  4. Minute U Die
  5. Intoxicatedead
  6. For Your Amusement
  7. Watch 'N Wait
  8. State Of Shock
  9. Bad Day
  10. Mind
  11. You Don't Know
  12. Dash
  13. Spectorized
  • Michael Storck
  • Lasse Johansson
  • Torbj√∂rn Moen
  • Jan Lindh

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