Origin: Germany  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: May 15, 2016
Last update/review: May 15, 2016


Germany's Crossplan formed in 2009 and their style, at least as far as 2015's Masterboned album is concerned, can be neatly summed up in one phrase: Germany's answer to Motorhead. True, Celli's vocals might be slightly more strained than Lemmy's, and the tunes are sometimes a bit more rock-oriented, but the influence is plain for all to see and hear, particularly on tracks like "Get The Rhythm" which practically sounds stolen from the Overkill sessions. This is really almost an homage to Lemmy's crew rather than a proper band, but particularly with Motorhead sadly being no more, one could do far worse than these guys.

Current Members

Marcel Mönning


Alexander Störmer


Dirk Schönfeld


Matthias Kassner

drums (Exumer)


High Speed Operation  
  1. No Win Situation
  2. In My Veins
  3. Real Life
  4. The One I Believe
  5. Stop The Bullet
  6. Is It Me
  7. Bones

Class Of Hellhound High  
  1. Bring the Fire
  2. Killing Machine
  3. Take It Or Leave It
  4. Can’t Bring Me Down
  5. Hellride
  6. Dirty Woman
  7. Rollin
  8. The King Of All Rock N’Roll Demons
  9. Easy Lay
  10. Balls
  11. I Will Be King
  12. Medusa
  • Marcel Mönning
  • Alexander Störmer
  • Dirk Schönfeld
  • Matthias Kassner

  1. Brave New World
  2. Crossplane
  3. Masturboned
  4. Down
  5. Rock n´Roll Medicine
  6. Bumsucker
  7. Sweet Little Rockabella
  8. Magical Queen
  9. Maneater
  10. We Want More
  11. The Battle In Me
  12. Psycho
  13. Get The Rhytm
  14. Time Machine
  15. Is It Me
  16. Real Life
  • Marcel Mönning
  • Alexander Störmer
  • Dirk Schönfeld
  • Matthias Kassner

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