Origin: Tampere, Finland  
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Page online: February 22, 2008
Last update/review: October 12, 2010


Crystalic plays a fairly original form of melodic, yet aggressive metal on their 2007 debut Watch Us Deteriorate. "Melodic death metal" might actually be a decent description for their style, except that they aren't really anything like the Dark Tranquillity or In Flames clones that that term is usually ascribed to. The vocals are harsh, but the riffs are melodic and almost progressive at times, while still retaining plenty of crunch and heaviness. Deteriorate is a fine debut from a promising band.

Current Members

Lasse Heinonen


Toni Tieaho


Mikko Mattila


Arto Tissari

bass (ex-Korpiklaani)

Timo Hanhijoki


Former Members/Guests

Jarno Frank Moberg


Erik Grönroos



Watch Us Deteriorate  
2007 Thundering
  1. Blackened Image
  2. Severe Punishment
  3. Defiance of Supremacy
  4. Faith Redefined
  5. Host Machine
  6. Dead Cold Emotion
  7. Soulstabbed
  8. Worlds Collide
  9. Existence Terminated
  • Jarno Frank Moberg
  • Toni Tieaho
  • Erik Grönroos
  • Arto Tissari
  • Timo Hanhijoki

2010 self-released
  1. Sub-Creatures
  2. Throne of Sin
  3. Wall of Sanity
  4. Vanishing Act
  5. Voiceless Army
  6. Eulogy
  7. Blastbeat of My Heart
  8. New Time
  9. Lord of the Mourn
  10. Too Dark to See
  • Lasse Heinonen
  • Toni Tieaho
  • Mikko Mattila
  • Arto Tissari
  • Timo Hanhijoki

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