Origin: Italy  
Genres: Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Last update/review: September 11, 2006

Cultus Sanguine

Cultus Sanguine is an interesting Italian band whose music is a cross between doom and goth, with perhaps a touch of black metal thrown into the mix. Despite only the vocalist being the common link between their last two albums, the pair are similar in style, both having a dreary, melancholic feel to them, yet the goth elements (particularly the organ-style keyboards) prevent the songs from sounding too heavy-handed. For whatever reason, they never really caught on and broke up, probably around 2001.

Last Lineup

Joe F. (Ferghieph)






Fabrizio Cislaghi

drums (Macbeth)

Former Members/Guests

Aqua Regis (Roberto Mammerella)

guitars/bass (ex-MonumentuM)

Cultus Arckanorum



Cultus Sanguine  EP
1995 Wounded Love
  1. Il richiamo in rosso
  2. I ride the winds of hate
  3. My journey is long but my time is endless
  4. Into the field of screaming souls
  • Joe F. (Ferghieph)
  • Aqua Regis
  • Cultus Arckanorum

Shadow's Blood  
1997 Candlelight
  1. The Calling Illusion
  2. Il Sangue
  3. Shadow's Blood
  4. We Have No Mother
  5. The Graves Forgot My Name
  6. Lady Of Flies
  7. On These Nocturnal Wings
  8. Silent Tunes Of Falling Blood
  9. Among Shadows
  10. ?
  • Joe F. (Ferghieph)
  • Aqua Regis
  • Cultus Arckanorum

The Sum Of All Fears  
2000 Season Of Mist
  1. The Sum Of All Fears
  2. VerrĂ  Il Tempo Dei Morti
  3. Dominatress
  4. Highest Desperation
  5. The Future Unveiled
  6. A Grav Upon Mankind
  7. In The Days Of Sombre
  8. Ultima Madre
  9. As A Funeral Inside
  • Joe F. (Ferghieph)
  • Federico
  • Daniele
  • Fabrizio Cislaghi

WAR Vol III (split with Seth)  
2000 Season Of Mist
  • Joe F. (Ferghieph)
  • Federico
  • Daniele
  • Fabrizio Cislaghi

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