Origin: Union, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: November 24, 2007
Last update/review: April 29, 2011

Cypher Seer

This traditional metal band was formed in 2003 and for several years went by the name Malakis Reign, until legal issues forced a change to Cypher Seer in early 2007. Soon afterward they released their debut album, Awakening Day. This is 80's-inspired American traditional power metal through and through, and while there's no real flaws or weak points here, the album has a by-the-numbers feel to it, lacking a memorable identity or style. From the vocals (provided by well-travelled veteran Michael Grant) to the riffs to the songwriting, it's all fine without really generating that something-special feeling. There will always be a market for bands that harken back to the glory days of 80's traditional metal, and Cypher Seer fills that need, but as far as upper-echelon traditional bands are concerned, they aren't there quite yet.

Current Members

Zeno Rodrigo


Sergio Ribeiro


Rod Mariani


Nat Gallo


Lee Corrado


Former Members/Guests

Michael Grant

vocals (ex-Crescent Shield, ex-Legend Maker, ex-Onward) RIP: May 31, 2012, acute illness, age 39

Sergio Oliveira


Kevin Myers

drums (ex-Gothic Knights)


Awakening Day  
2007 Sentinel Steel
  1. V.666
  2. Awakening Day
  3. Pieces of My Beginning
  4. Malachai's Reign
  5. Act of Desperation
  6. Walk Through Hell
  7. On Chained Down
  8. Haunted Saga - Nocturnal Apparition
  9. Haunted Saga - Haunted Visions
  10. Haunted Saga - Final Encounter
  • Michael Grant
  • Sergio Ribeiro
  • Rod Mariani
  • Nat Gallo
  • Sergio Oliveira
  • Kevin Myers

2011 Nightmare
  • Zeno Rodrigo
  • Sergio Ribeiro
  • Rod Mariani
  • Nat Gallo
  • Lee Corrado

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