Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: June 4, 2002

Cyclone Temple

Cyclone Temple was the continuation of Chicago speed metallists Znowhite, though whether this was just a matter of a lineup/name change or these being two different bands altogether isn't quite clear. Speed/thrash metal was still the main ingredient in the band's sound, with Cyclone Temple retaining a crunchier, early Metallica style. The different vocalists made each album a bit different (the style was otherwise consistent) -- last vocalist Sonny Deluca had a Hetfield/Chuck Billy style, while first vocalist Brian Troch had a more melodic voice, vaguely like (but not so melodic as) Joey Belladonna of Anthrax. The band stumbled through two albums, with the third release (My Friend Lonely) being mostly a re-recorded version of Building Errors with yet another vocalist and a few new tracks. Greg Fulton and Scott Schafer (the core of both Znowhite and Cyclone Temple) were later seen in yet another band, the far less thrashy Rebels Without Applause.

Last Lineup

Sonny DeLuca


Greg Fulton

guitars (ex-Rebels Without Applause, ex-Znowhite)

Scott Schafer

bass (ex-Rebels Without Applause, ex-Znowhite)

John Slattery


Former Members/Guests

Brian Troch


Marco Salinas



I Hate Therefore I Am  
1991 Combat
  1. Why
  2. Sister (Until We Meet Again)
  3. Words Are Just Words
  4. Public Enemy
  5. In God We Trust
  6. I Hate Therefore I Am
  7. March for Me, Die for Me
  8. Born to Lose
  9. Silence So Loud
  • Brian Troch
  • Greg Fulton
  • Scott Schafer
  • John Slattery

Building Errors In The Machine  EP
1993 Progressive
  1. Hate Makes Hate
  2. Me, Myself & I
  3. Down the Drain
  4. Killing Floor
  5. Drug of the Masses
  6. The Law of Relativity
  • Marco Salinas
  • Greg Fulton
  • Scott Schafer
  • John Slattery

My Friend Lonely  
1994 Monsterdisc
  1. Hate Makes Hate
  2. Down the Drain
  3. My Friend Lonely
  4. Me, Myself & I
  5. Drug of the Masses
  6. Comfortably Superficial
  7. Killing Floor
  8. Time Heals All
  9. The Law of Relativity
  • Sonny DeLuca
  • Greg Fulton
  • Scott Schafer
  • John Slattery

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