Origin: Australia  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: December 8, 2022

Destroyer 666

Destroyer 666 was formed by guitarist K.K. Warslut following his departure from the cult black metal band Bestial Warlust in 1995. The debut, Violence Is The Prince Of This World, was essentially recorded as a one-man band, with a proper band (including another ex-member of Bestial Warlust, that being Bullet Eater) recruited for the later albums. Old-school black metal influences are quite evident on their latest (and by most accounts, most developed) release, Phoenix Rising, though there's a bit of death and thrash mixed in as well. Image-wise, they forego the corpsepaint of the Norwegian bands in favor of the classic studs/leather/spikes look. Not the world's most original band, but they are brutal and vicious in all the right places, and Phoenix Rising is a fine extreme metal album.

Current Members

K.K. Warslut (Keith Bemrose)


Vox Ro


Bullet Eater (Phil Gresik)

bass (ex-Bestial Warlust, ex-Hobbs Angel Of Death)

Felipe Plaza

bass (Procession)

Kevin D.

drums (ex-Necrowretch)

Former Members/Guests

Shrapnel (Ian Gray)

guitars (ex-Razor Of Occam)

Berserker (Simon Turner)

bass (Assaulter)

Matt Schneemilch

bass (ex-Razor Of Occam)

Ballistic Howitzer


Deceiver (Jarro Raphael)


Mersus (Chris Menning)


Perra Karlsson



Violence Is The Prince Of This World  
1995 Modern Inv.
  1. Hail to Destruction
  2. An Endless Stream of Bombers
  3. ...true Sons of Satan
  4. Burning the Veil of Falsehood
  5. Death Metal Winds (Howl Again)
  6. Song for a Devils Son
  7. The Eternal Glory of War
  • K.K. Warslut

Unchain The Wolves  
1997 Modern Inv.
  1. Genesis to Genocide
  2. Australian and Anti-Christ
  3. Satans Hammer
  4. Tyranny of the Inevitable
  5. Six Curses from a Spiritual Wasteland
  6. Unchain the Wolves
  7. Damnations Pride
  8. Onward to Arktoga
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Shrapnel
  • Bullet Eater
  • Ballistic Howitzer

Phoenix Rising  
2000 Season Of Mist
  1. Rise of the Predator
  2. The Last Revelation
  3. Phoenix Rising
  4. I am the Wargod (ode to the battle slain)
  5. The Eternal Glory of War
  6. Lone Wolf Winter
  7. Ride the Solar Winds
  8. The Birth of Tragedy
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Shrapnel
  • Bullet Eater
  • Deceiver

Cold Steel ... For An Iron Age  
2002 Season Of Mist
  1. Black City - Black Fire
  2. Clenched Fist
  3. Cold Steel...
  4. Sons of Perdition
  5. Raped
  6. The Calling
  7. Savage Pitch
  8. Witch Hunter
  9. Shadow
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Shrapnel
  • Berserker
  • Mersus

(MCD) Terror Abraxas  
2003 Iron Pegasus
  1. A Breed Apart
  2. Those Who Dare Beyond
  3. Trailed By Fire
  4. Terror
  5. Prometheus
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Shrapnel
  • Mersus

2009 Season Of Mist
  1. Weapons of Conquest
  2. I Am Not Deceived
  3. Blood For Blood
  4. The Barricades Are Breaking
  5. A Stand Defiant
  6. A Path to Conflict
  7. A Thousand Plagues
  8. Human All Too Human
  9. A Sermon To The Dead
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Shrapnel
  • Matt Schneemilch
  • Mersus

To The Devil His Due  COMPILATION
  1. Satanic Speed Metal
  2. The Sirens Call
  3. King of Kings
  4. Lord of the Wild
  5. Ghost Dance
  6. Taste the Poison
  7. Levens Bloed
  8. Through the Broken Pentagram
  9. See You in Hell

2016 Season Of Mist
  1. Traitor
  2. Live And Burn
  3. Artiglio Del Diavolo
  4. Hounds At Ya Back
  5. Hymn To Dionysus
  6. Wildfire
  7. White Line Fever
  8. Die You Fucking Pig
  9. Tamam Shud
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Vox Ro
  • Felipe Plaza
  • Perra Karlsson
2016 Readers' Album #40

Call Of The Wild  EP
  1. Violence Is Golden
  2. Stone By Stone
  3. Call Of The Wild
  4. Trialed By Fire
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Vox Ro
  • Felipe Plaza
  • Perra Karlsson

Live At The Devil's Gate  LIVE

Let The Demon Speak  LIVE
  1. Intro
  2. Unchain the Wolves
  3. An Endless Stream of Bombers
  4. The Sirens Call
  5. Genesis to Genocide
  6. Total Desaster
  7. Satan's Hammer
  8. Australian and Anti-Christ
  9. The Eternal Glory of War
  10. Satanic Speed Metal
  11. Damnation's Pride

Guillotine  EP
  1. Guillotine
  2. Death In Berlin
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Felipe Plaza
  • Kevin D.

Never Surrender  
2022 Season Of Mist
  1. Never Surrender
  2. Andraste
  3. Guillotine
  4. Pitch Black Night
  5. Mirror's Edge
  6. Grave Raiders
  7. Savage Rights
  8. Rather Death
  9. Batavia's Graveyard
  • K.K. Warslut
  • Felipe Plaza
  • Kevin D.

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